Eucharistic Miracles (24)

Eucharistic Miracles (24)

Eucharistic Miracle of Cascia.

ITALY, 1330    

At Cascia, in the Basilica dedicated to St. Rita, there  is preserved the Relic of  a significant Eucharistic Miracle which took place at Sienna in 1330. 

A priest had been requested to bring Holy Communion to a sick peasant. The priest  took a consecrated Host, but placed it irreverently between the pages of his breviary and set out for  the peasant’s home.   

Having  arrived at the sick peasant’s home, after hearing his confession, the priest opened up his breviary to take out the Host which he had placed in it, but to his great surprise, he noticed that the  Host had been stained with  living  blood, enough to penetrate both pages of the breviary between which it had been  placed.    

The priest, perplexed and penitent, immediately went to the Augustinian monastery in Siena to seek the advice of Father Simon Fidati, who was from Cascia and was known by  all  to be a  holy man. When he heard the priest’s account, he absolved him and requested that he keep the two pages stained with the Precious Blood.   

Numerous Popes have promoted the devotion associated with this Miracle through the granting of indulgences. 

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