Eucharistic Miracles (23)

Eucharistic Miracles (23)

ITALY, 1294              

Eucharistic Miracle of Gruaro Valvasone.

In  1294  a young housekeeper from the church rectory  was heading toward  the washhouse of the Versiola  to wash  the altar-cloth  of the Church  of  Saint  Giusto  of Gruaro. Unexpectedly, the  woman noticed  that  a consecrated Host had been  left  by  mistake between the  three  folds  of  the  altar-cloth, from which  blood  was  flowing out. 

Frightened  by this inexplicable event, she  ran quickly  to inform the  Pastor, who  in turn informed the  Bishop of  Concordia, Giacomo d’Ottonello  of Cividale. Once  he corroborated the facts, the Bishop requested that  the altar cloth of the Miracle be placed in his Cathedral at Concordia. 

But the pastor of  Gruaro as well as the family of the Counts of Valvasone, patrons of the church in Gruaro and of the one in Valvasone, wanted to keep the  altar-cloth. No agreement was reached and so  it was  decided to have recourse  to the Holy  See, which  in  the end gave authority  to the Counts  to preserve the Relic of the Miracle in Valvasone, on condition  that  they have a church  built there  in honor of  the Body  of  Christ,  to  be completed by  the year 1483.   

The most authoritative and the earliest document describing the Miracle is a copy made from  the original account by Pope Nicholas V. Each year on Thursday of the 5th Week  of Lent, the citizens of Valvasone commemorate the Miracle. On the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Relic of the stained altar-cloth is carried in procession together with the Blessed Sacrament. 

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