Eucharistic Miracles (20)

Eucharistic Miracles (20)


 ITALY 1240

 Eucharistic Miracle of Assisi.

 St. Clare of Assisi’s great faith in  the Eucharist brought about  this  Eucharistic Miracle, which  is  described  by  Thomas of Celano  in  the  Legend  of  St.  Claire, Virgin,    contained  in  Franciscan Sources.   

 In  1240, Saracen  troops  employed  by  Frederick II of  Swabia,  known  for their  savagery  and cruelty,  were assembled  at  the monastery  of San Damiano,  where St. Clare  and  her fellow  sisters  resided. St.  Clare,  filled  with  trust  in  the  Eucharistic  Jesus,  with great  courage  took  the  Blessed  Sacrament and went out  with  it  to  face  the  Saracen  troops, begging  God to  spare the  life  of her sisters  and  to  protect  the  city  of  Assisi.   

 The Lord  heard the fervent  prayers of St. Clare  and  immediately  the Saracens, as  if  repelled  by  a mysterious force,  moved away from the monastery  of San  Damiano and departed  from  the city  of Assisi, which did  not suffer any damage. 

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