Eucharistic Miracles (19)

Eucharistic Miracles (19)

 Eucharistic Miracles of Florence, ​  ITALY, 1230-1595.
In  the Church of St. Ambrose in Florence, the  relics of  two Eucharistic  Miracles, one which occurred in the  year 1230 and the other in the year 1595, are preserved.

In the Miracle of  1230,  a priest named Father  Uguccione, as he finished Mass, by mistake left some drops  of the consecrated wine in the  chalice. The  following  day, when  he  returned  to celebrate Mass in the same church, he found in  the chalice some drops of living blood which had coagulated  and turned into  flesh-color.  The blood was immediately  placed into a cruet made of  crystal.  Among  the most authoritative testimonies which recount this miracle  is that of  the  historian Giovanni Villani.   

In  1399, Pope  Boniface IX,  granted to the  faithful who visited the Church of St. Ambrose and contributed to the adornment of the Reliquary  of the Miracle the same indulgence  granted for those visiting  the  Porziuncola  in Assisi.   In 1980, the 750th anniversary  of the Miracle was commemorated. 

The second  Eucharistic Miracle took place on Good  Friday  of  the year 1595.  By accident,  a candle was left lit on the altar of the side chapel, named  the Chapel  of the Holy  Sepulchre, causing  a raging fire. The people ran  at once to put out the fire and managed to  salvage the  Blessed Sacrament and the chalice. In  the  general  confusion, six  consecrated Hosts fell  from  the ciborium onto the flaming  carpet, and  yet despite the fire, the  Hosts were  recovered intact and still next to each other. 

In  1628, the Archbishop of Florence, Marzio Medici, after examining  them, found them to be incorrupt and so had them placed in a precious reliquary.  Each  year, during  the Forty  Hours devotion which takes place, the Relics of the two miracles are exposed together in  a reliquary also containing  a consecrated Host for public adoration.     

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