Eucharistic Miracles (16)

Eucharistic Miracles (16)

Eucharistic Miracles Of St. Peter Damian.

​St. Peter Damian, Doctor  of the Church, describes an important Eucharistic  Miracle of which he was a  direct witness in his  work “Opusculum XXXIV, Patrologia Latina,  vol. CXLV,col.573.” We record  here  in translation the episode as  the Saint himself recounts it:   

“This is  a Eucharistic  event  of great importance. It took place  in 1050. A woman,  giving into some abominable temptations, was about to take  the Eucharistic Bread to her house to commit a sacrilege.   However, a priest noticed  what was happening,  chased after  her, and recovered  the Host which  the sacrilegious woman had stolen.  

At that point, when he unfolded the white linen  in which the Sacred Host had been wrapped, noticed that  it was transformed in  such a way  that half of  the  Host  had become  the Body  of the Lord  in a visible  way, while  the other  half maintained the ordinary appearance  of Bread.  

By  such  clear testimony,  God wished to triumph over unbelief and heresy on the part of those who refused to accept the Real Presence in  the Eucharistic Mystery: in  half  of the consecrated bread, the Body  of  the Lord was made visible,  while  the other  half was left in its natural form, to better demonstrate the  reality  of sacramental transubstantiation on which takes place  at  the Consecration.” 

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