Eucharistic Miracles (15)

Eucharistic Miracles (15)

Eucharistic Miracle of Trani ITALY, 11th Century.

       At Trani, in Puglia  (Italy), there is preserved  at  the Church dedicated to  St. Andrew  the  Relic of this Eucharistic Miracle, which took place around the  year 1000 and is recounted  in numerous documents. 

A woman from a non Christian religion, not  believing  in the truth of the Catholic Dogma of the Real Presence of  Jesus in  the Eucharist, assisted by  a Christian friend, during  the celebration of a Holy mass, succeeded in stealing  a consecrated Host. The woman, as if to  challenge God,  then placed the consecrated  Host  in  a  greased frying-pan over a fire. Suddenly,  a great quantity  of blood started dripping from the Host  and spilled out onto the  floor, to the  point of flowing  out to the doorway  by  the entrance  of the house.  

Brother Bartolomeo Campi describes in his work, in (1625) Eucharistic Miracle of Trani an accurate account of  how these  events unfolded:  

“Pretending  to  be a Christian, the woman went to communion with the others…and having  taken  the Particle, she took it out of her mouth  and placed in her handkerchief. Returning home, and  wishing  to test whether it was bread  or not, she placed that blessed Particle  into  a pan full of oil in order  to fry  it…Upon contact with the  boiling oil, the  Particle miraculously  became flesh dripping with blood, and the hemorrhaging  of blood, as we might  call it, did not cease  at that point, but instead, so much blood spilled out of the pan that it flowed out and flooded  the  entire house. Terrified  and  full  of dread, the woman began to scream…and the neighbors immediately  ran  to see what might  be  the  cause  of such great  wailing…”  

The  Archbishop  was  immediately informed of the occurrence and ordered the miraculous Host to be reverently brought back to the church. The Cistercian Abbot Ferdinando Ughelli (1670), wrote:

“At Trani is venerated a holy Host, fried to the contempt in which our faith, revealed the unleavened bread, appeared the real flesh and real blood of Christ, which fell to earth.”

An indirect confirmation of the miracle is found also in affirmation of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, who said:

“Trani is fortunate, because the Blood of Christ has washed his land.”

In 1706 the woman’s house was converted into a chapel by the generous offer of the noble Octavius Campitelli. The Relic of the Host was placed in 1616 in an antique silver reliquary donated by Fabrizio de Cunio. On this holy relics were many checks and inspections carried out at different times, the last dating back to 1924, during the Eucharistic Congress interdiocesan by Monsignor Giuseppe Maria Leo.

NOTE: PLS DO NOT COMMIT THE SACRILEGE this Pagan Lady Commited By Desecrating The Holy Eucharist. Rather As Christians And Children Of God We Should Treat Jesus Who Is Present Body And Soul In The Eucharist With Utmost love and Respect.

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