Eucharistic Miracles (14)

Eucharistic Miracles (14)

Eucharistic Miracle of Ferrara. 

This  Eucharistic Miracle occurred at Ferrara, at the  Basilica of Santa Maria  in  Vado,  on Easter Sunday (March  28,  1171).  

Fr. Peter  of  Verona, prior  of the Basilica,  assisted  by  three  of his friars (Bono,  Leonardo  and Aimone)  was  celebrating Easter Mass  and  when  the time  came  for the breaking  of  the  consecrated Host,  he  saw  a stream  of blood spray  from  the consecrated  Host, which stained  the  little  vault overhanging  the altar  of  sacrifice with  its tiny  drops.   

Bishop Amata of Ferrara  as well  as Archbishop  of Gherardo were immediately  informed of the occurrence,  and were  able to  see in person “the Blood  which  appeared  in  a lively  red  color on  the little vault above the  altar.” 

         In  1595,  to  better preserve it,  the  little  vault was enclosed  in  a small shrine  which still  can  be seen at  the Basilica  of Santa Maria in  Vado at Ferrara.  

          In the  earliest documents,  the testimonies  of some  of the faithful who were present at the miracle are recorded,  in  which they  tell  of seeing  the  Host assume  a blood-red color and  of noticing  the figure of an  Infant in  it. 

           The church immediately became a pilgrimage site, and was successively  restored and expanded by order  of  Duke Ercole (Hercules) I  of  Este, beginning  in  1495.  

Among the  most authoritative testimonies  that report  the Miracle,  there is  the Bull  of Pope Eugene  IV  (March 30,  1442)  and the  manuscript of  Gerardo Cambrense  from  the  year 1197 which  is  preserved at  the Lamberth Library  in Canterbury.  

Even today,  in the  Basilica, now in the  care of the Missionaries of  the Precious Blood of St. Gaspare of Bufalo, Eucharistic Adoration  is held  on  the  28th  day  of each month in  commemoration  of the Miracle, and each year, in preparation  for  the feast  of Corpus Christi, the Forty  Hours’ Devotion is  celebrated.   In 1971, the 800th  anniversary  of the Miracle was celebrated. 

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