Eucharistic Miracles (13)

Eucharistic Miracles (13)

ITALY, 6th-7th Century.  

Eucharistic Miracle of Rome.

Among  the most  important works  in  which  this  Eucharistic  Miracle,  which  occurred  in  Rome  in the year 595,  is  mentioned is  The  Life  of  Blessed  Pope Gregory,  written  by  a  deacon  named Paul in 787. 

It was the custom  in those days that  the bread used  for the Eucharistic  Celebration  was prepared  by  the faithful themselves. Pope  St. Gregory  the Great was a direct  witness of  this Miracle.  

One Sunday, while he was celebrating Holy  Mass  in  the  ancient church dedicated to  St.  Peter,  at the time  for distributing  Holy  Communion,  he  noticed  that among  the  faithful  standing  in  line  there was also  present  one of  the women who  had prepared  the bread for  the Consecration.   She was laughing  out  loud. The Pope,  visibly disturbed,  asked her what was the reason  for her behavior. 

The woman defended  herself by saying  she  could  not  bring  herself  to  believe how  it  was possible  that  the bread which  she herself had  prepared  with  her hands,  thanks  to the words  of consecration,  had  become  the Body  and Blood  of Christ.   

At  that  point,  St. Gregory  prohibited  her  from  going  to Communion  and  implored  God  to  enlighten her. Just  when  he finished  praying,  he  saw the  very  portion  of  bread prepared  by  that woman change  into  flesh and  blood. 

The woman,  repentant,  knelt  down  to  the  ground and began to  weep. Even today,  part of  the Relic  of  the Miracle  is  preserved at  Andechs in Germany,  at  the  local Benedictine Monastery.


Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, Have Mercy On Us! 

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