Eucharistic Miracle: How Some Fishes Rescued The Holy Eucharist From The River

Eucharistic Miracle: How Some Fishes Rescued The Holy Eucharist From The River

When Some Fish Rescued The Eucharist From A River.

We Catholics firmly believe that Jesus is truly present with all his body, blood, soul and divinity in the Holy Eucharist. And it seems that God also likes the rest of his creation to know about this wonderful miracle. Even the fish!

It is said that in 1384 a parish priest from Valencia (Spain) went to take the sacred communion to a dying man. Even though a storm was coming, the priest knew that he had to do everything possible so that that poor soul that would soon find God could depart in grace.

Once his mission was completed – and on his way home – a strong storm began that forced the priest to hold tightly to his chest the ciborium with three consecrated hosts . He had already gone far enough and the darkness of the night made it impossible for him to return to a safe place. He only had to run until he reached the Church!

When passing through the gully of Carraixet he noticed that the water was very high and had to contrive to use a board as a bridge. Unfortunately when trying to cross lost balance and dropped the ciborium with the consecrated hosts to the river.

In the midst of his despair the priest threw himself into the river to rescue the ciborium, but he did not succeed. The river current took everything away!

With great sadness, the pastor informed the community of what had happened and they offered to start the search. They worked during the whole morning but only the next morning they found the empty ciborium. How sad! The priest had only to organize acts of reparation.

But the Lord was moved to see the love that the community and his parish priest had for him, so he decided to give them a wonderful miracle. In the middle of the sadness for what happened, the villagers saw how 3 fishes stood erect on the current of the river while holding on their mouths, the 3 consecrated hosts that were lost at the river. All fell on their knees, moved by that miracle and sent for the parish priest.

The fish did not move until the priest arrived who, clad in his sacred ornaments, approached the bank of the river excited. Upon seeing the priest, the fish also approached the riverbank and placed the Body of Christ on his consecrated hands while the faithful sang praises to our good God.

Those consecrated hosts were consumed that day in a Solemn Mass, but today that ciborium rescued that day is still preserved, and in it, the following phrase has been recorded: “Who will deny the Mystery of this Bread, when a dumb fish preaches to us? Faith?”

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