End Time!!! Brazil’s Naked Olympics

End Time!!! Brazil’s Naked Olympics

While several athletes during the just concluded Rio Olympics glorified God in their victories, there were others who glorified the devil all in the name of naturalists paying tribute to the ancient Greeks by staging their own games but this time all nude.

On the Abrico Beach in Rio de Janeiro, men and women all naked competed in different games and called it the “naked olympics,” they competed every weekend in a series of games with all competitors competing naked.

The organisers say anyone can take part – as long as they are prepared to strip off. Naked Olympic ‘events’ included football, beach volleyball, swimming, sprinting and race walking. There were also a few non-Olympic sports such as the tug of war, surfing, which is due to debut at the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo, and Peteca, a traditional game in Brazil which is played with a hand shuttlecock.

What could they think to make of this?

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  1. May God have mercy on us and the whole world .may God’s grace touch there hearts and bring them back to light

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