Dear Catholic, Come Back Home: Good Reasons For Being A Catholic 

Dear Catholic, Come Back Home: Good Reasons For Being A Catholic 

Dear Catholic, come back home. 

It is only in the Catholic Church that you will find the FULLNESS of the Christian Faith.

It is only here that you have a history directly traced back to the 12 Apostles.

It is only here that the REAL and true Presence of Jesus Christ is. The Holy Eucharist – the real Body and Blood of Our Lord and Personal Savior, Jesus Christ.

Where else, out of all 50,000+ Christian denominations, will you be challenged to think always of the Last Four Things and HOW to be prepared for death?

Where else will you experience the 7 Sacraments and fully unite with God’s love for you through them?

Where else will you have an opportunity to attend the Holy Mass every single day of the year? The Holy Mass is the HIGHEST form of prayer on Earth – all the angels and saints in heaven + your guardian angel(s) and our beloved and most amazing Blessed Mother are present.

The #CatholicChurch gave the WORLD the Holy Bible in the 4th century.

The Catholic Church is obedient to authority, is humble just like its founder, Jesus.

The Catholic Church is the only Christian church established by Jesus Christ himself in 33 A.D.. No other Christian entity can claim this; all the 50,000+ others were founded by mere sinful mortals with no authority nor #apostolicsuccession.
#Catholicism is the FULLNESS of Christianity.

Catholicism is TRUTH.

#DearCatholic, come back home.

🕯Take ACTION – Make a sincere effort to attend the Holy Mass at a Catholic Church nearest you this Sunday.🕯 .

💞REMINDER – #Lent2018 begins Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

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