Catholic School Forces Explicit Sex-Ed Course on Students

Catholic School Forces Explicit Sex-Ed Course on Students


Catholic School Forces Explicit Sex-Ed Course on Students

Help parents fight for purity by signing this urgent protest

Dear Reader ,

Going against the will of many parents, Father Ryan High School — a Catholic institution in Nashville, Tennessee — is forcing students to sit through a graphic sex-ed course or get kicked out of school.

The explicit material reads more like something put out by Planned Parenthood than anything really Catholic.

Concerned Catholic parents describe it as:

  • Spiritually harmful.
  • Near occasion of sin.
  • Wrong. Disheartening.
  • Teaches all about contraception.

This cannot continue.  So please…

Help parents fight for purity by signing this urgent protest

According to, school administrators “told parents that students cannot be opted out from the course, suggesting that when parents send their children to school they hand over their right and duty as primary educator.”

But even public schools let parents opt out.

In this case, however, the Director of Communications for the Diocese of Nashville,  Rick Musacchio, told that the graphic sex-ed classes were “necessary.”

Parents are upset.  I am too.  Because the purity of children is at stake.

That’s why I’m rushing this email to you — hoping that you will sign your prayerful protest to the school, urging them to scrap the inappropriate course.

Sign it here

Susan Skinner, a Catholic mom whose son goes to Father Ryan High School, said:

“As a parent I have the right to teach this and it should not be mandated to me that someone else gets to teach it to my minor child.”

And this is why Mrs. Skinner needs your help right now:

“I have been told all the kids are having sex anyway and all of them have pornography on their phones. I am trying to help my child navigate this world we live in where I have seen pornography ruin marriages. My estimation is that some of the information in this curriculum could make a child more curious and actually cause them to look up more things…

“I just don’t think my 14-year-old boy needs to see [graphic images] while a girl sits next to him in class. We were told this gets taught or you opt out of the school.  I’m trying to raise Godly children,” she said.

Yes.  We need Godly children.  A Godly culture too.

So please help Catholic parents like Susan Skinner protect the innocence of their children.

God will reward and bless you for taking immediate action — right now.

Click here to join the fight for purity

Thank you so much for fighting to good fight.


John Ritchie
TFP Student Action, Director

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