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How An Ex Soldier Converted And Cleansed An Village From Demonic Infestation And Idolatry 

How An Ex Soldier Converted And Cleansed An Village From Demonic Infestation And Idolatry 

God works in mysterious ways. This is a touching inspiring story of how God used one man to liberate his entire village from the demonic bondage of Idolatry. Read on…  

After sixty-one year old Dano* retired from his career as a military man, he had no idea life would take him to an altogether different battlefield: a spiritual one. 

Myanmar’s Background

In Myanmar, where Dano lives, the spiritual enviornment is sometimes disturbing. Many residents follow traditional beliefs. They honor images and statues, bow down to the dead, and even proudly claim to house demons in their shrines.

With this affinity for the spirit realm informing them, the Burmese army began waging war on ethnic minorities, including Christians who are deeply impacted by these attacks. In addition, those who believe in Jesus are also targeted by Ma Ba Tha, a group of radical Buddhist monks, who set up legal obstacles like the “Protection of Race and Religion” that make it purposely difficult to convert to Christianity or marry someone who identifies as a Christian.

Dano’s Conversion and Military Service

Dano doesn’t practice these indigenous religious beliefs because, after years of practicing animism, his parents became Christians when he was still a boy. Dano began attending church on Sundays and learning about God. By the time he was in class 10, however, his father had died and Dano could not afford to continue at school due to his family’s financial situation. But Dano knew who to turn to.

“I accepted Christ as my Savior, and at that time I realized that God called me to work for his ministry.” Dano explains.

Shortly after, young Dano joined the military. After completing his training, Dano was sent directly into harm’s way. He was immediately dispatched to the frontlines in a battle against Chinese rebels. “Our enemies ambushed us, they shot us and landmines exploded.” Dano remembers.

But, somehow, Dano emerged unhurt. “I was positioned on the frontline, there was one experienced soldier before me, and another experienced behind me. The soldiers in front of me and behind me were killed by the explosion of the landmines, the legs of the soldier behind me flew up in the air and he was immediately killed..I found out that 120 soldiers died.”

When Dano walked away from this battle, he had no doubt why his life was spared. “I believe God preserved my life from death on the battlefield for a purpose—because it is written in Bible that God protects those whom He has chosen. I believe God has chosen me to do his work and serve his people.’’

Dano’s Ministry

After eight years of service, Dano left the military and obtained a license to operate a timber business. From that point on, he made his livelihood exporting timber to Thailand. Business was good, but Dano continued to sense there was some sort of unfulfilled duty waiting for him. He sometimes felt anxious.

One day, Dano decided to sneak away from work and go see a pastor, who he asked to pray for him. “When the pastor and Sayamah Mimi* prayed for me, I felt all my doubts and worries disappear; my spirit was lifted and I was filled with peace.’’

This experience was just the beginning of the next leg of Dano’s journey however. Not long after visiting the pastor, Dano and his wife were praying and he had a vision. “I was shown a vine full of grapes, fully ripe and waiting to be plucked. A heavenly angel asked me to pluck the grapes and eat them. If I didn’t pluck he would send someone else.”

When Dano told his pastor about his vision, the pastor suggested that Dano should attend seminary before going into the ministry. But Dano was sure he was supposed to begin his ministry right away, so he went straight to the village chief and offered to teach the children in the village free of cost.

The chief and vice-chief agreed to allow Dano to educate their young people, but they gave him strict warnings not to preach. They even drafted an agreement stating that the villagers must file a complaint to the military officers if Dano preached the Christian faith.

The agreement, of course, made Dano nervous. He prayed for three days about whether he should sign the agreement or not, but eventually felt assurance from God that he didn’t need to be afraid. Dano went back and signed the agreement and began teaching the children.

While Dano doesn’t formally preach, he teaches the kids small bible verses and songs about God. And he prays constantly.

Praying for a Village

At first, Dano would wake up early at 4:00 in the morning to pray as he walked through the village, but residents soon complained to the Chief. Dano was instructed not to pray anymore.

This did not stop Dano from praying however. “I continued praying for the village,” He explains, “I just decided to pray at midnight.” Just like when Dano was in the military and he would patrol the military grounds, Dano began walking through the dark village claiming the land for the Lord. In addition, Dano’s family fasts every Saturday. And when the people of the village are sick, Dano prays for them and many experience healing.

Mistreated for Their Faith

Because of their Christian faith, Dano’s children are often threatened by other children and their teachers sometimes pressure them to say Buddhist prayers. At times, mobs of people have even gathered in front of Dano’s house. “Many times, the village chief and vice-chief would come and search for me to be tortured and killed. But in some miraculous ways, they couldn’t find me or I would have escaped.”

In one incident, Pastor Dano was held at gunpoint, but the gun did not work. The villagers were so astonished and worried that they left Pastor Dano alone.

Even though Pastor Dano was badly treated, the villagers would sometimes come to him when they needed help. The Vice Chief himself once came to Dano in his time of need. The Vice Chief’s son began staying in the woods by the shrines. His behavior and health worsened and it was believed he was possessed by the demons. But the physicians and magicians that many villagers relied upon were unable to help the young man. When all hope seemed to be gone, the family remembered that Pastor Dano used to pray for the sick. They apprehensively approached Pastor Dan for help, feeling awkward because they had been opposing him.

’The Vice Chief’s family thought I would be angry with them and would refuse to help, but I see it as a good opportunity to reach out to them,’’ Pastor Dano said happily. He fasted and prayed for three days. After three days, he went to the young man, but the Vice Chief’s son ran away when he saw him, shouting. “That person is going to catch me!’’

Pastor Dano went out to the shrines at 11:00 at night and commanded the demon to come out. Dano tried to burn the shrine, but at first, it wouldn’t catch fire. Finally, he poured diesel onto it and the shrine burned. He called upon the name of the Lord and the demon left the young man. Even more incredibly, not only did one demon flee, but villagers reported all the evil spirits left the village.

While this outcome seemed positive, some villagers begged Dano to bring the spirits back. The village spirit mediums sacrificed and pleaded for the spirits to return, but they would not. .“They were not happy because their spirit gods had left them. They complained to their Chief and tried to kill me,” Dano explained. Pastor Dano was told to pray in places where spirit shrines are present so he did. The next day all the shrines in the villages had been burned. No one knew how it happened. It was, seemingly, a miracle.

But the bigger miracle was this: the Vice Chief and his family, along with four other families, accepted Christ as their Savior and converted. Slowly but surely other villagers came to know the Lord and accepted Christ. 

Villagers who had opposed Dano now listen to him and are being led by him. Pastor Dano now pastors a church in his village, and he also has a vision and aims to reach out to another two Buddhist villages.

Pastor Dano would appreciate your prayers for courage and ongoing protection, as well as prayers for the families in his village that have turned to Jesus. Pray that the two villages he aims to share the Gospel with would be prepared by the Lord, and that they would have hearts ready to receive the Good News.

*Dano – names have been changed to protect the identity of the victims. 

Jesus Heals And Saves Afghan Girl Brought Up By Taliban 

Jesus Heals And Saves Afghan Girl Brought Up By Taliban 

Sameera* grew up in a fanatically fundamentalist Muslim family who had actually been leaders in helping establish the Taliban in their native Afghanistan. They strongly believed the whole world should be ruled according to Islamic Sharia law, and anyone not following Sharia must die.

During their official reign of terror in Afghanistan (1996-2001), the Taliban murdered thousands of people and destroyed countless churches and temples. When the US-led forces attacked Afghanistan in 2001, Sameera was seven. Three of her brothers died in the assault, and her older sister went missing.**

 Taliban fighters in afghanistan (EPA)


Their mother, completely undone by the tragedies, soon developed heart problems. As her heart began to fail and knowing she faced imminent death, she begged her husband to take their remaining children—Sameera and her four-year-old brother—and flee Afghanistan at any cost and in any way. Like many in their country, they believed Christians were behind the invasion, aiming to destroy both their nation and their religion.

So right after the mother died and without even taking time for a proper burial, Sameera’s father fled the home with nothing but his young children. He knew it was practically impossible to escape without being seen by the invading army, but also knew he had to try.  

The young family hadn’t gotten far before being captured by armed forces in a military truck patrolling the streets. Sameera’s father felt certain they would be killed.  But when the soldiers saw the innocent little ones with him, their hearts melted. Sameera has a clear memory of the men then joining hands and actually praying in the truck, eyes brimming with tears. She heard the words ‘Lord Jesus’ over and over. While she had no idea what they were saying, she memorized the name ‘Jesus’, somehow keeping it lodged in her heart.

When the truck reached a deserted area, the soldiers touched each of them kindly on the shoulders and told them to get out and flee. Knowing the family couldn’t understand English, they did their best to make themselves understood by gesturing and pointing to the children. One of the men tearfully tried to explain how they all had small children like Sameera and her brother at their homes in America. The family did finally grasp the men were urging them to escape, and as they clambered from the truck the soldiers again spoke using the name Jesus—likely, we think now, praying their Lord Jesus would bless and protect the family.

After a gruelling journey lasting many days, the family somehow ended up in a Middle Eastern kingdom. Sameera’s father found work and labored hard to support his growing youngsters.

Whenever they thought about their brothers, sister, mother and other dead and missing relatives, their rage towards Christians, the supposed invaders, grew. So they pledged to fight them to the death. Every day they prayed to Allah for strength and courage for the battle. Sameera’s brother figured his best option was to leave home and join forces with ISIS, which he did four years ago.

Eight months ago, Sameera’s father died in a tragic accident. Being so close to him, the shock of the loss proved near unbearable. Her emotional and mental anguish further increased when her brother didn’t show up for their father’s funeral. No one knew where he might be, or even if he was still alive.

Sameera grew increasingly disturbed and even violent, to the point she had to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital and confined to a separate room.

As divine Providence would have it, one of the hospital staff ‘happens’ to be a member of the Assembly of Loving God (ALG) Church and a voluntary evangelist with Bibles for Mideast. She loved and cared for Sameera like a sister, praying for her and spending time with her in her isolation. She often shared her testimony of having once been a Muslim, her decision to leave Islam, and the message of the gospel.

As their friendship grew, one day she prayed over Sameera in Jesus’ name. Sameera flashed back and remembered the soldiers in Afghanistan who prayed over her as a little girl, using the same name. The very men who had showed her family such unexpected loving kindness and had helped them escape the battle zone.

As she slept that night, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared before her in a dream.

“Daughter, you are not alone,” she heard him say. “I am always with you as your eternal Father and Comforter.” He showed her his nail-scarred hands and the wounds in his side. “I have suffered all of these—have been crucified on the cross of Calvary, died and rose from the dead—for YOU and your salvation. By my blood you are washed and by my stripes you are healed. You are no longer a patient. Believe in me and follow me.”

She awoke immediately, jumped from her bed praising the Lord, and tried to pray by herself in Jesus’ name.

Early the next morning she asked to see her beloved friend. When the Christian staff member arrived, Sameera joyfully shared what had happened. The friend praised and thanked the Lord and then, as they held hands, led Sameera in a prayer to accept Jesus Christ as her own personal Saviour and Lord.

The staff member later introduced Sameera to her pastor, who began visiting and praying for her as well.

When discharged soon afterwards from the hospital, Sameera had nowhere to go. The owner of her family’s house had repossessed it when she entered hospital and been unable to pay the rent. So the pastor arranged for her to stay with some Bibles for Mideast women, where she remains, studying the word of God and ministering alongside them.

She shared her testimony with her new church and has committed the rest of her life to the Lord’s ministry. At her request, the pastor baptized her. 

We of course don’t know whether her brother will return. If he does, we cannot guess how he will react to his sister becoming a Christian. So please pray for Sameera and also for her brother’s salvation, if he is still alive. Pray also for the safety of the women she lives with and other workers and believers with Bibles for Mideast and the ALG Church in that region.

Please keep all the missionaries and ministries of Bibles for Mideast and the many ALG churches in Asia, Africa and Middle East in your prayers. We could not do any of this without your help.

Name changed for security reasons
** Even after being ousting from official power in the U.S-led invasion of 2001, the Taliban—with ISIS and others—continue to terrorize, murder and destroy in Afghanistan and beyond. 

Source Report: 

Bibles for Mideast and an Assembly of Loving God (ALG) church in the Middle East

‘I Left Islam Because I Studied Muhammad’s Life, Accepted The Gospel Because I Studied Jesus Life’ – Islamic Convert 

‘I Left Islam Because I Studied Muhammad’s Life, Accepted The Gospel Because I Studied Jesus Life’ – Islamic Convert 

​I Left Islam Because I Studied Muhammad’s Life, Accepted The Gospel Because I Studied Jesus’ Life.
By Abubakar Idris Mohammed.

When I studied Muhammad’s life, what I found was a gold digger who in his 25 years of age, married a 40-year old wealthy widow (Khadijah), Muhammad got troubled and terrified when he started receiving revelation from the fallen angel, even though he admitted that he was demon possessed, his wealthy wife convinced him to proclaim the revelation. He moved on to marry a 6-year-old child named Aisha when he was 52 and consummated his marriage when Aisha was nine years old.
He was received by the Jewish community as a refugee after he claimed that he was fleeing persecution from his own Meccan people who accused him of intolerance against their Pagan religion. Few years after he was sheltered and supported by the Jewish community, he plots to conquer them and eventually turned against them and wiped out the entire Jewish tribe out of Arabia. He was known for his warmongering. Himself participated in 28 bloody wars which are called Ghuzwa, and sent troops 54 times for different bloody wars, altogether there are 82 wars under his watch and commands.
A man who has been a role model for groups like Isis, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al-Nusra, Islamic Jihad, Al-Shabaab, Abu Sayyaf and other Islamic terrorist groups, doesn’t deserve anyone’s respect but criticism and mockery.

He was poisoned to death by his Jewess maid when he slaughtered her entire family. He’s dead and will never return again but his legacy continues to wreck havoc and chaos around the world.

When I studied Jesus’s life, what I found was the one who was born without sin, he dedicated his life serving the poor, he created bread and wine to feed the poor, stopped group of men from stoning a woman to death, healed the sick, lame, blind, deaf and raises people from the dead, he commands storm to calm, he exorcise a boy possessed by a demon, he performed numerous miracles and demonstrated his power over nature and spirits.
People from all over the world from different ethnicity, nationality, race and religions are healed everyday in the name of Jesus. Non-believers dream of him and embrace him without been told to do so.
Jesus died on the cross, buried and was resurrected, ascended to Heaven, and is coming back again. The story of Jesus is a story everyone would be proud to share.
No one has ever invoked his name to commit atrocity because he has always condemned violence and told his followers not to pay back evil with evil.
Religion misleads people but Jesus saves people, No matter how good you are; no matter how religious you are; no matter what you do for God, you can never be good enough, or holy enough to earn salvation, any plan of salvation that is based on the efforts of man is doomed to failure.
For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast. (Eph. 2:8-9)


Jesus vs Muhammad is not like Apple vs Orange, It’s Good vs Evil, Light over Darkness. The difference is clear even though some are too blind to see it and to acknowledge the great gap between the two, they still fall the victim of early indoctrination and ignorance.

The Power Of Forgiveness: Priest Shares His Inspiring Story On How He Was Able To Forgive His Abusive Father Who Fractured His Skull 14 Times

The Power Of Forgiveness: Priest Shares His Inspiring Story On How He Was Able To Forgive His Abusive Father Who Fractured His Skull 14 Times

The shocking experience of Ciril Čuš proves the extraordinary power of forgiveness.

Father Ciril Čuš, a parish priest in Žetale, a small Slovenian parish on the border of Croatia, comes from a traditional Catholic family with two brothers and a sister. The first-born daughter in the family died as an infant. They lived a very simple and humble life, working on a farm and surviving on bread, milk, and water.

His father worked as a builder and one day took a fall from 16 feet, spending a month in a coma. After the accident, he wasn’t the same. He started drinking, becoming very aggressive — and young Ciril was often the target. Between the ages of 7 and 10, Ciril’s head was fractured with a blunt object 14 times.

“When I was 10, I had to wear a cap in the summer heat so that people would not notice the wounds,” Ciril said.

When his father was sober, he was a wonderful man; he taught his children a lot. But when he was drunk, he wasn’t safe to be around; the family tried to leave him completely alone.

Ciril had to escape through the window several times and spent many nights in the barn. He was afraid to sleep because he had terrible nightmares. He had learning difficulties and barely finished school.

Where should I run?

When I was 10, my life lost its meaning. I wanted to kill myself, but something stopped me.”

At 12 years old, he no longer qualified for aid to attend school, so he got a job picking strawberries, sour cherries, apples, mushrooms and chestnuts to help pay for his education. When he was 14 he wanted to run away from home because life no longer seemed to have a purpose, but he had nowhere to go. “I was beaten many times, whatever I did was wrong, and I was always afraid of my father.”

The abuse and distance from his father led Ciril to take up karate in school. Determined to prove himself — and protect himself — he won the national kickboxing championship and became a kung fu coach.

After secondary school, he got a job and moved to an old house in the town of Rače. “My friends at that time were rats and mice. But Monday to Friday I was okay, whereas at home it was a proper hell.”

Ciril no longer went to church. “I was very quiet, sad, I did my best to avoid people. I felt abandoned, unwelcomed, and all this had a great impact on me.”

But, with a lot of time on his hands, he would often visit the local library. It was there that he started reading the Bible. “I was drawn to the word of God, more and more every day.”

Out of curiosity, he travelled to Medjugorje. He was not particularly touched there, however, he made a good confession. When he returned home he felt at peace, but nothing extraordinary happened … until …

The realization

One Sunday, a fellow pilgrim from his Medjugorie journey paid Ciril a visit, and convinced him to accompany him to a Catholic Charismatic Renewal prayer group. “Everyone there lifted up their hands and praised the Lord. I thought they were on drugs, that they were not normal. I was definitely not used to that.” He decided never to enter a church again as people there were “completely abnormal.”

But his friend convinced him to try it a second time, and being that it was freezing outside, Ciril had no choice but to step inside the church. He heard a woman speaking about her husband who beat her and cheated on her, but she was still able to forgive him.

For the first time in my life, I realized what my biggest problem was — that I was not able to forgive my father. I was so angry that I even considered killing him.

This testimony touched him deeply and he kept returning to the prayer group every week. When other people prayed for him, he cried like a little child and his wounds began to heal. In order to be able to forgive, the priest suggested he pray. He prayed a Rosary for his father every day. During this time his father entered rehab but he did not get any better — in fact, he became even more aggressive.

A holy promise

“I wanted God to do something with my life. This was the only chance I could see for myself.” He prayed the Rosary at the cross, on his knees. He says this was incredibly difficult and he only managed to do it because he made a solemn promise to God that he would pray until he could forgive his father.

“For me, this was a sacred promise. I did not want to break it. Most of the time it was really difficult, I was not able to see any change. Everything seemed so pointless. I did not feel like praying; I would prefer watching the TV or going to the disco.” But, as he later found out, all of this was just a step away from his problems.

After a year and a half he realized that prayer alone was not enough, that he had to go to his father and tell him he forgave him. “I fought with myself, I fought with God, telling Him I was not able to forgive. But a month later I received mercy from God, I was able to approach my father and shake his hand.” Nothing changed; there was no mutual forgiveness, and this led Ciril into deep spiritual crisis. But from that point on he prayed two rosaries a day instead of one.

Overcoming fear

After three years of praying rosaries, he realized that he had to tell his father how much he loved him. Initially, he resisted the urge, and then he asked the Lord to heal his heart from any lack of love for his father. “This is how my faith grew. I had neither courage nor mercy to approach my father straight away. I kept having visions in my head of how badly he had treated me,” he said.

He received more mercy and approached his father yet again. He told him that he had been very angry with him. He apologized for everything he had done wrong. He told him that he was his only father and he loved him very much.

“It was at that point that the worst suffering in my life began,” Ciril said. “My father grabbed a knife and said: ‘I will kill you like a pig!’ I ran to my room and father went to the garage to get the chain saw and kill me. For the first time in my life I stepped in front of the crucifix on the wall and started thanking the Lord Jesus: thank you for giving me a father like that, an alcoholic, thank you that I am so unworthy.” He escaped through the window.

From then on his father’s words no longer hurt him. But there was still no forgiveness. He started praying three rosaries a day. His father entered rehab for the fourth time but escaped after a few hours. Once again, he tried to attack his family with an axe.

After praying three rosaries a day for nine months, Ciril thought: your love was not shown in deeds. “I knew then that I had to give my father a hug.” At that time, his father would drink a quart-sized bottle of liquor every day, sometimes not even returning home. He suffered from cirrhosis of the liver, coughing up blood. His doctors told him he only had a month to live — it was his choice to determine how he’d live it.

The power of forgiveness

“I asked to forgive him before he died. One day, after prayer, I went to meet my father when he was coming home from the woods. I had always been afraid but at that moment I felt at peace. I took his hand, looked him in the eyes, told him I forgave him, that I was sorry for everything, and that I loved him. I held his head close to my heart. It was the first time in my life that I hugged my father.”

From that moment on his father stopped drinking and peace returned to the family. “His eyes opened and he wanted to fix everything. For the first time in our lives the children saw mother in father’s embrace – we cried tears of joy.  He told us, his children, that he loved us.” He lived another 16 years.

Once I forgave, I was happy, joyful. This real encounter with God is more powerful than any hatred, curse, suffering or distress,” says Ciril. He never stopped praying, either.

Priesthood? Not for me, thank you

But Ciril’s journey was not over. He had always wanted a big family. He and his long-term girlfriend planned to marry and start their own family, but suddenly that direction felt wrong. He had never considered becoming a priest, either, as he barely finished secondary school.

When the Lord called him originally, he hesitated. But he soon made up his mind.

Today, Ciril realizes that he had to walk his path of suffering to be able to understand and help people who go through similar experiences. His life bears a powerful witness. He travels a lot around the world, witnessing about his experience of forgiveness.

“If we do not forgive, we stop God’s blessing from entering and God cannot work within us. Forgiveness means establishing a new relationship with another person. And that is a great gift from God.”

“But everyone has his own path. Jesus will provide mercy when he sees the necessity. Sometimes it takes a long time. If Jesus had granted me mercy after two weeks I might have become the same old me. But after three years I was happy to pray. And when forgiveness came I did not stop praying.”


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