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The Sign Of The Cross And The Virgin Mary Saved 33 Chilean Miners From Death

The Sign Of The Cross And The Virgin Mary Saved 33 Chilean Miners From Death

Five years ago on October 13, the 33 miners who became trapped in a Chilean mine were brought to safety.

(CNN)When Chile’s San Jose mine collapsed on August 5, 2010, people around the world were fixated on the fate of the 33 miners trapped 2,300 feet underground.

The miners would end up spending 69 days below the Earth’s surface before rescuers brought them all to safety. As everyone celebrated the rescue of the 33 miners, many pointed to a higher power — a 34th miner — who they say was with them all along.

In the aftermath of the rescue, those involved have recounted seemingly inexplicable miracles during their time underground and credited God with protecting them. God, many of them say, was the 34th miner.

A comforting presence

Jorge Galleguillos, a miner from Copiapo, Chile, recalled making the sign of the cross in front of an image of the Virgin Mary that had been placed near the entrance to the mine. The miners asked her for protection every shift before descending into the lower levels of the mine.
The day of the collapse, like any other day, Galleguillos paid his respects to the Virgin Mary and headed into the mine.
During this particular shift, Galleguillos said he heard warning cracks but continued working. He recalled seeing something like a “white species … a butterfly” falling diagonally in the mine “like a paper.”

It was likely a bit of white quartz, but in local culture, a white animal is a sign that God is present.
As the mine began to rumble and dust filled the air, Galleguillos said he envisioned his 6-day-old grandson in his arms and his mother standing in front of him.
“I am not going to see my mother again. I’m not going to meet my grandson,” he thought.
Galleguillos said he is not particularly religious. Still, even as it seemed the worst was ahead, he said he felt God’s presence.
In the five years since the mine collapse, Galleguillos said he is more thankful than ever.
“There aren’t words to continue thanking God enough,” he told CNN’s Rosa Flores in a recent interview.

A rationing of resources

Alex Vega, a second-generation miner, had been suffering from a gastric ulcer for a couple of months when the miners became trapped.
As always, he had his pills in his backpack. Three of them. He divided them into four parts each so he could take a piece each day.
The fact that there was very little food only made his symptoms worse, and at this point, they had no idea when or if they would be rescued.
The miners ate one can of tuna per day, splitting each can between the 33 of them.
“You have to have faith,” Galleguillos said. “You can never lose your faith. Faith is nourishment … Faith is life.”

Faith, even without hope

Shift foreman Luis Urzua was the first person to be heard once verbal contact was made with the miners. His first words were, “We are well and hoping that you will rescue us.”
Urzua said he doesn’t believe in luck, but he does believe in faith — even when it seems like there is no hope.
“The devil couldn’t do anything because God was present,” he said.
Urzua recounted a time in the mine when one of his colleagues became ill. The prayers of the other miners, Urzua said, healed him.
“We made a prayer, we prayed in front of him,” he said. “The next day, he was better. … He was doing better than all of us.”
That power of prayer stayed with the miners throughout their time underground.
“When we prayed, we didn’t pray to get rescued; we prayed for the people outside not to abandon us,” he said.
It was another answered prayer.

Rescue resumes inexplicably

After weeks of drilling, the rescuers were getting closer to the miners. Then, the drill halted, just feet from reaching the miners. There was no forward or backward motion.
“It’s like, did we come this far and go through all this? And this damn thing is stuck here,” said Richard Soppe, a manager with Center Rock Inc.
Then, without any effort from the rescuers, there was a pop, and it started moving again.
Brandon Fisher, owner of Center Rock, led a team of drilling experts to help free the miners.
“I remember there was a loud bang on the backside of the control panel,” Fisher said. “Everyone just kind of stopped at one point in time and looked around.”

“We still don’t know what that noise was,” he said.
Ariel Ticona, a miner and expectant father at the time, said that when he heard the drill bit break through, he knew “that was by the hand of God that the miracle was done.”
While trapped, Ticona became a father to a baby girl, Esperanza, which means hope.
Jonathan Franklin, author of “33 Men: Inside the Miraculous Survival and Dramatic Rescue of the Chilean Miners,” said Esperanza’s birth was a miracle because she gave hope to the miners. She gave their dream of rescue a face.

Rescuing the miners

Chilean miner Osman Araya is welcomed by his wife, Angelica, after being rescued from the San Jose mine on October 13, 2010.
After much preparation and prayer, the final leg of the rescue began.
Florencio Avalos was the first miner to emerge. He was pulled to the surface in a 22-inch wide capsule.
Celebrations broke out, but the rescuers and miners faced the reality that 32 more miners needed the same miracle to live.
One after the other, they were rescued.
Vega said he hugged and kissed his wife like he was never going to let her go.
Ticona met his new daughter Esperanza in the hospital.

Urzua said God saved all 33 miners for a reason, but he’s been asking himself why since the rescue.
“Today, everywhere we turn, there is misery, hunger, terrible natural events,” Urzua said, speculating about God’s motive to rescue them. “We have to care for our environment, care for our children, so that they have a better life, we give them the best.”

After the rescuers returned home, they studied the science of the rescue.
“These tools should not have been able to bend and go around some of these curves. I mean, there’s no question in my mind that the faith of God, and the faith of the world praying for these guys to get rescued was a huge factor,” Fisher said. “Science, know-how, and will were applied, but at the end of the day, the big guy had everything to do with this rescue being successful. I believe that wholeheartedly.”

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[Video] Bishop Punched In The Face During Mass

[Video] Bishop Punched In The Face During Mass

Bishop Punched In The Face During Mass

Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Newark, Most Reverend Manuel A. Cruz attacked during Mass

In a disturbing video, the Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Newark, Most Reverend Manuel A. Cruz, is seen being stuck in the face by an assailant during Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

The sanctity of the Mass was shattered when a man, wearing a white robe over a red suit, walked up to the altar from the crowd, reached Bishop Cruz and struck the 63-year-old in the face, knocking him backwards until he fell on the altar. Uniformed police officers rushed to the altar and tackled the assailant, Charles Miller, 48, of Newark, N.J.

The bishop suffered a cut lip that required stitches in the attack at the altar, according to news reports. One officer at the scene who saw Cruz after he was struck commented to another officer that several of the bishop’s teeth had been loosened in the attack.

The assault occurred while the bishop was offering opening prayers during a Mass commemorating the life of Catholic baseball legend Roberto Clemente, who died in a tragic death in a plane crash en route to deliver aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua in 1972.

Warning – this video contains footage that viewers may find disturbing.


How God Saved This Catholic Priest After Brutally Stabbed Minutes Before Sunday Mass

How God Saved This Catholic Priest After Brutally Stabbed Minutes Before Sunday Mass


Fr. Tomy Mathew, a Catholic priest from Kerala, India, was the victim of a hate crime this weekend.

Minutes before his Sunday Mass at St. Matthew’s Parish in Fawkner, Australia, an elderly man approached Fr. Mathew.
According to News18, Thiruvallom Bhasi, the editor of a Melbourne daily visiting Thiruvananthapuram, witnessed the event.

Fr. Tomy Mathew

“While the ceremony was on, the accused came forward and shouted that since he [Mathew] is an Indian, he couldn’t conduct the mass.”
Christian Today reported the man screamed at Fr. Mathew, “You are Muslim or Hindu…I will kill you” before stabbing the priest in the neck.
A woman, who asked not to be identified, witnessed the attack and said: “There were some shouting and lots of movement in the back of the church. I saw Father Tomy coming to approach me and he sort of waved me over.

“He asked if I could look at his neck. He said, ‘I’ve just been stabbed.’ As I removed his garment I could see quite a bit of blood.”

Fr. Abraham Kavilpurayidathil, a Public Relations Officer of Thamarassery diocese, explained Fr. Tomy, a native of Karimbu, has served as vicar of St. Matthew’s Parish for the last four years.

He added that Fr. Tomy’s thick clothing, which he wore due to the cold weather, helped keep what they believe was a knife from doing more serious damage.
Fr. Savarimuthu Sankar, of the Delhi Catholic Archdiocese, explained: “Hate crime became a concern and it is high time for the government to initiate dialogues with other countries to prevent such crimes.

Father Tomy Mathew, 48, was stabbed in the neck at St Matthew’s Parish in Melbourne as he was about to start saying Mass (St. Mathew’s Church, Melbourne/Facebook).

“Every effort should be made by the government abroad to spread the message of appreciation for others. We condemn this incident and pray for his speedy recovery.”

Fr. Mathew was taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries to his neck and is expected to make a full recovery.

Thank you, Lord, for your veil of protection. Bless Fr. Mathew and his flock, that they harbor no fear and know only your peace and safety. Amen.

Source: catholicsay

​Lady Gaga Cancels Tour, Posts Photo of her Praying the Rosary

​Lady Gaga Cancels Tour, Posts Photo of her Praying the Rosary

Music artist Lady Gaga posted a picture of herself praying the rosary on social media, along with a explanation for why her European tour this fall has been canceled.

“I have always been honest about my physical and mental health struggles,” she wrote on Instagram. “[…] They are… keeping me from what I love the most in the world: performing for my fans. I am looking forward to touring again soon, but I have to be with my doctors right now so I can be strong and perform for you all for the next 60 years or more. I love you so much.”

This isn’t the first time that Lady Gaga has publicly associated herself with the Catholic Church. In 2016, she posted a photo of herself holding a Bible next to a Catholic priest, saying in the description that she was moved by his homily on the Eucharist.

Lady Gaga, Facebook

Born as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Lady Gaga was raised in a Catholic family and attended an all-girls Catholic school through high school. 

Although her music has often promoted and celebrated things contrary to the Catholic faith, it’s not clear what her religious beliefs and practices are currently.

If only she will use her fame to convert souls to Christ. What do you think? 

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