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‘Only God Knows If We Will Meet Again’ – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Has A Nerve Disease Says Brother 

‘Only God Knows If We Will Meet Again’ – Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Has A Nerve Disease Says Brother 

Monsignor Georg Ratzinger speaks of their prayers for a good death in a new interview.

According to the brother of Benedict XVI, Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is suffering from a nerve disease, which is paralyzing him little by little. The elder Ratzinger revealed this in an interview with the German weekly Neue Post published today.

The predecessor of Pope Francis will turn 91 this coming April 16.

According to Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, the illness of the former Pope forces him to use a wheelchair more and more often. If paralysis reaches the heart, he says, “everything could finish quickly.”

“Only God knows if we will meet again,” he added, while indicating his wish to be in Rome in April for Benedict’s birthday.

In a letter addressed to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on February 7, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of his renunciation, the pope emeritus claimed to see his physical abilities decline, affirming that he is “on a pilgrimage towards Home.”

His former secretary, Father Alfredo Xuereb, emphasized that Benedict XVI was offering his sufferings for the Church.

In this short interview, Father Georg Ratzinger also declared that he and his brother have a “great wish” for a “good death,” and that he is praying for this.

Holy See Excommunicates Australian Priest For Breaking The Seal Of Confession! 

Holy See Excommunicates Australian Priest For Breaking The Seal Of Confession! 

The excommunication, was approved by the Holy See. 

According to the February 10 report of The British Daily Mail, after two years of thorough investigation, the Holy See decided to excommunicate a priest in Australia. The investigation revealed that Father Ezinwanne Igbo had broken the Seal of the Confessional–the absolute duty of priests not to disclose anything that they learn from penitents in the Sacrament of Penance.

The facts, which go back to 2016, led to the opening of an investigation based on a dozen complaints against Father Igbo.

Originally from Nigeria, he was a priest at the Stella Maris Parish in Queensland.

The excommunication, which is automatic in this case, was approved by the Holy See, according to a statement from the Archdiocese of Brisbane (Australia), dated February 7.

The sentence provides that the priest can no longer participate in public worship, nor celebrate or receive the sacraments. The sanction, however, can be lifted by the pope.

The lifting of the Seal of the Confessional was one of 189 requests in the December 2017 report on pedophile crimes committed in Australia.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane called for a three-day special fast during Lent, from February 14 to 16, as a “reparation” for the crimes of child sexual abuse. This call was relayed by all Australian bishops as an “authentic Catholic response.”

US Melania Trump Invites Pastors To Spiritually Cleanse And Exorcise The White House From Voodoo Rituals Performed By Past Leaders 

US Melania Trump Invites Pastors To Spiritually Cleanse And Exorcise The White House From Voodoo Rituals Performed By Past Leaders 

US First Lady Melania Trump demanded the White House be spiritually cleansed prior to moving in, a pastor recently stated.

Pastor Paul Begley In a February 2 interview on The Weekend Vigilante with Sheila Zilinsky, claimed Melania’s desire to “completely exorcise” the White House may have sparked Trump’s own religious fervor.

“When the president allowed 40 pastors to come into the White House and anoint him with oil and lay their hands and pray on him—seven times he’s done this—that is unheard of,” Begley stated.

“At least he is humble enough and recognizing that he needs God enough that he keeps bringing them in for the prayer. And I’ve got to say this, it might have started with the First Lady.”

Begley continued: “The First Lady – in that five hours when the Obamas and the Trumps went down to the Capitol and Trump was being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States – Melania Trump said to her husband, ‘I’m not going to go into that White House unless it has been completely exorcised.’ 

Melania said, ‘You’ve got to get all of that out of there and send in some preachers and priests to go in and cleanse the White House or I will not spend one night in it.’” President Trump reportedly agreed.

“During that five hours when they were ripping out carpets and changing drapes, there were people in there packing up every idol. The only thing that was left, Sheila, was one cross on one wall. They cleansed the White House. They had people in there anointing it with oil and praying everywhere.”

Begley added that previous administrations had left demonic symbols at the estate, and elaborated on the Clinton’s fascination with Haiti and voodoo:

“[A]pparently during the eight years when Obama was there, and maybe even some of the presidents before him, there were all kinds of idol gods and images and all kinds of artifacts in there that were demonic, even some of the stuff from the Clinton era because they were really tied in with the Haitians.”

“I can tell you, you can read the “Serpent and the Rainbow” story and find out just how much Haitian witch-doctor influence was on Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s lives,” Begley added. “They constantly went back there. They spent their honeymoon with a witch doctor. Who does that?”

The Washington Post reported that in 1975 the Clintons held their honeymoon in Haiti.

“They toured the old hotel where the writer Ernest Hemingway once stayed and visited a voodoo high priest dressed in all white,” The Post reported, adding the Clintons were a “Haiti-obsessed family.”

The former President’s book, My Life, also contained passages claiming the Clintons “watched the arrival [of] the spirit, people putting burning torch over their body, walking on hot coals without being burned while other grabbing live chicken and biting their head off,” according to the Haiti Observer.

In her book, What Happened, Clinton also comments that her frustration made her want to craft voodoo dolls of members of the press and Congress “and stick them full of pins.”

Pastor Begley says while the Trump’s acts may seem overboard, they are necessary in the arena of spiritual warfare.

“This was a major spiritual – it might sound like overdoing it, a little excessive,” he said, “but you’ve got to take the seat of authority when you go into spiritual warfare. You start with the spiritual authority and then it goes on from there out. I think that that might have been where this whole thing began, in a mighty way of exorcising the demons.”

According to CNS News, Pastor Begley based his accounts on sources inside the White House who declined to be named.

President Trump delivered remarks at the 66th annual National Prayer Breakfast Thursday where he affirmed, “Our rights are not given to us by man; our rights come from our Creator.”

Melania is the first Catholic First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.

Watch Video! French Military Trains Golden Eagles To Take Down Drones

Watch Video! French Military Trains Golden Eagles To Take Down Drones

So far, they’ve trained four eagles to intercept drones, and now four more are on the way.

The French military has trained golden eagles to take down small unmanned drones.

The idea to train drones, came After pranksters flew drones over restricted military sites and the presidential palace in 2015, French authorities decided to try out this new avian defense tactic.

So far, they have trained four eagles: d’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, in tribute to Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers.

The trainers need eight months to fully train these eagles. In doing so, trainers fill the nest where the eagles were born with old drone parts to trick the birds into thinking that the drones are a food source, according to the Agence France-Presse.

“A drone means food for these birds,” Gerald Machoukow, a French military falconer, told FRANCE 24. “Now they automatically go after them.”

The French military chose golden eagles because of the birds’ hooked beaks and sharp eyesight. However, because golden eagles are a protected species, collecting their eggs in the wild is illegal. So instead, the French used artificial insemination to breed these birds.

At roughly 11 pounds, the eagles weigh more or less the same as the drones they are hunting. They can fly at a top speed of 50 miles per hour and can see a target from a distance of more than a mile.

Furthermore, the trainers have made leather and Kevlar mittens for the eagles to protect their claws from the drone’s rotating blades. It also protects against any explosives that may be attached to the drone.

“I love these birds,” Machoukow told Agence France-Presse. “I don’t want to send them to their death.”

The military says that they plan to deploy the birds during special events, such as political summits or soccer tournaments, according to Fox News.

Now, the French military is training four more eagles to join the four already in service.

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