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Family Inheritance: Archbishop Carlo Vigano Addresses Dispute with Brother

Family Inheritance: Archbishop Carlo Vigano Addresses Dispute with Brother

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has sought to clarify a court ruling in October which ordered him to pay nearly €2 million of inheritance plus legal fees to his brother, a priest living in Chicago.

In a Dec. 3 statement issued through his lawyers said he had “already willingly paid” the amount to his brother, Father Lorenzo Viganò, and would not be appealing the decision. Archbishop Viganò’s lawyers said he was issuing the statement “In light of the recent unfounded news that appeared in multiple newspapers and other media outlets, regarding an alleged conviction for “fraud,” “theft” or misappropriation of funds, to the detriment of his brother.”

According to media reports, the inheritance has been a cause of contention in their relationship for years, and Father Viganò, a biblical scholar who has lived in Chicago since 2008, has tried to sue over the bequest numerous times. The October ruling was the first time he had succeeded in being rewarded any money.

Archbishop Viganò, who remains in hiding after publishing his testimony against Vatican corruption in August, said in the statement that his brother has been subjecting him to a “judicial siege and a veritable defamation campaign in the press” for over a decade, adding that the priest failed to inform “obliging journalists that the accusations” made against Archbishop Viganò had been “abandoned or dismissed in the 10 civil, criminal, and administrative cases attempted to date.”

Both brothers, two of six siblings, jointly held and administered their family’s substantial assets worth €20 million plus a cash sum of more than €6 million until Father Viganò left for the United States a decade ago.

The legacy was bequeathed to them by their parents who were “entrepreneurs in the industrial field,” according to today’s statement. The statement went on to disclose that Father Vigano had made an “initial request” for €40 million which was a “grossly unrealistic figure in respect to the actual value of the entire joint ownership of property of the two brothers.”

It added that the Milan court ruling rejected this along with “all the other requests” from Father Viganò, and stated that as a result of the judgment, Father Viganò received “essentially what he would have received had he accepted the settlement proposals made by his brother, pro bono pacis [a concession made solely for the sake of peace], in the course of the proceedings.”

The statement also revealed that Archbishop Viganò had allocated most of the inheritance to “works of charity and religion” which include a seminary in Nigeria and a Carmelite monastery in Burundi, “and will continue to do so.”

Father Viganò, who began legal proceedings against his brother in 2010 and, according to today’s statement, has “refused any mediation from the family,” suffered a stroke in 1996 and is confined to a wheelchair.

He has lived in Chicago allegedly without ecclesiastical permission and, according to documentation obtained by the Register, he (or others acting in his name) has refused to respond to repeated attempts by Church officials to communicate with him.

Asia Bibi Officially ‘Freed’ From Jail. 

Asia Bibi Officially ‘Freed’ From Jail. 

Aasia Bibi, who spent eight years on death row for blasphemy, has been freed, her lawyer has said.

Pakistani Christian woman Aasia Bibi, who spent eight years on death row for blasphemy, has been freed from jail, her lawyer said.

She has been freed. I’ve been told that she is on a plane but nobody knows where she will land,” her lawyer Saif-ul-Malook said in a message to AFP news agency on Wednesday.

Bibi, 53, was flown on Wednesday night to a facility in the capital, Islamabad, from an undisclosed location for security reasons, two senior government officials told the Associated Press.

Last week, Pakistan‘s Supreme Court overturned Bibi’s conviction and ordered her release, but she remained imprisoned as the government agreed to allow a review following right-wing protests over the bitterly divisive case.

A release order arrived on Wednesday at the prison in the central city of Multan, where Bibi was held, a prison official told AFP.

Her husband, Ashiq Masih, had appealed for Britain or the United States to grant the family asylum, while Malook, Bibi’s Defence attorney fled to the Netherlands.

Bibi’s acquittal triggered massive protests by right-wing parties, mainly the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), in the Muslim-majority nation.

#AsiaBibi has left the prison and has been transferred to a safe place! I thank the Pakistani authorities. I look forward meeting her and her family, in the European Parliament as soon as possible.

Thousands of people poured onto the streets after the court overturned Bibi’s conviction last week, causing Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government to sign a controversial deal with the TLP

The blasphemy charge against Bibi stemmed from an incident in 2009, when she was asked to fetch water while out working in the fields.

Female Muslim labourers objected, saying that as a non-Muslim, she should not touch the water bowl, and reportedly a fight erupted.

A local imam then claimed Bibi insulted the Prophet Mohammed, a charge she has consistently denied.

Blasphemy is an incendiary charge in Muslim-majority Pakistan, where even unsubstantiated allegations of insulting Islam can result in death at the hands of mobs.

At least 74 people have been killed in such violence since 1990, according to an Al Jazeera tally.

Asia Bibi’s Life Still In Danger As Her Husband Begs US For Asylum. 

Asia Bibi’s Life Still In Danger As Her Husband Begs US For Asylum. 

The husband of Asia Bibi, the Pakistani Catholic woman who was recently acquitted of blasphemy charges is asking several Western nations to provide asylum for his family, whom he says is in danger of death.

In a video message, Ashiq Masih requested asylum for his family from the U.S., Canada, and the UK. His wife, Asia Bibi, had her death sentence overturned in a high-profile case last week, but riots following the verdict have endangered the lives of the entire family, Masih said.

Bibi was previously found guilty of making disparaging comments against the Islamic Prophet Muhammad during an argument with some neighbors. In 2010, she was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death by hanging. Defaming Muhammad carries a mandatory death sentence in Pakistan.

After the Pakistan Supreme Court overturned verdict on Oct. 31, noting Bibi was free to leave the prison, violent protests erupted throughout the predominantly Muslim country.

In a move to appease the riots, the government made an agreement with the Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP), the Islamist political party which coordinated protests against Bibi’s release.

The agreement requested an end to the protests in exchange for the government to review the acquittal and add her name to the country’s “exit control list,” which would bar her from leaving the country. Several arrested protestors were also released.

Bibi is no longer allowed to leave the jail, but her security has reportedly increased, and she is being kept in an undisclosed location.

Masih Bibi’s husband told German broadcaster DW that the agreement has sparked fear in his family, noting they have consistently changed locations to hide during this dangerous time. Bibi’s lawyers, Saif Mulook, fled the country on Saturday.

“The agreement has sent a shiver down my spine. My family is frightened, my relatives are frightened and my friends are also frightened. This agreement should never have been struck,” he said.

He expressed worry that the review of the verdict could be influenced by outside forces, who are heavily pressuring the court to convict Bibi.

Now during the review petition, the clerics might gather outside the Supreme Court and try to influence the verdict. It is wrong to set a precedent in which you pile pressure onto the judiciary,” he said. “I went to session court, where I could see that the judge was under tremendous pressure to convict Asia.”

“My wife, Asia Bibi, has already suffered greatly. She has spent 10 years in jail. The verdict of the Supreme Court had created a ray of hope; we were excited that we would meet her soon,” he added.

Bibi was accused of making derogatory comments about Muhammad in 2009, when an argument broke out between her and some other farm workers when they were harvesting berries.

The argument stemmed from Bibi taking a drink from a cup of water which previously had been used by Muslims. An onlooker informed her that she could not do so, as she was “unclean” due to her faith. An argument ensued, and Bibi was then reported to Muslim clerics.

According to the BBC, Bibi was later attacked at her home, where she confessed to blasphemy, her accusers said. However, the Supreme Court said this was inadmissible evidence, as her confession was spoken in front of a mob who threatened to kill her.

Although the government has never executed a person under the blasphemy law, accusations alone have inspired mob and vigilante violence.

Blasphemy laws are reportedly used to settle scores or to persecute religious minorities. Many of those accused of blasphemy are murdered, and advocates of changing the law are also targeted by violence.

The situation is dangerous for Asia. I feel that her life is not secure,” Masih told DW.

Pray For Asia Bibi and her family’s safety and successful asylum request. 



Breaking News!!! Pakistani Supreme Court Frees Death Row Inmate Asia Bibi, At Last! 

Breaking News!!! Pakistani Supreme Court Frees Death Row Inmate Asia Bibi, At Last! 


In a historic ruling on October 31, Pakistan’s Supreme Court acquitted Asia Bibi, the Catholic woman on death row since 2010, under accusation of blaspheming against Prophet Muhammad, an allegation she has always denied.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar announced the verdict on Monday to a packed courtroom and ordered Asia Bibi released, declaring Asia Bibi innocent.  

The decision followed the hearing of Asia Bibi’s final appeal by a Supreme Court judicial panel on Oct. 8.

The landmark ruling sparked protests by hard-line Islamists and raised fears of violence.

In perhaps Pakistan’s most famous blasphemy case, Asia Bibi was arrested and imprisoned in June 2009 on allegation of insulting the Prophet Muhammad, following an argument with Muslim women over her use of a drinking vessel meant for Muslims. The following year she was sentenced to death. 

According to the blasphemy laws in Pakistan’s Penal Code, insulting the Prophet Muhammad is a crime punishable by death, while offending the Koran, Islam’s holy book, incurs life imprisonment. 

Fr. Emmanuel Yousaf, is the national director of the National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) of the Pakistan Catholic Bishops’ Conference (PCBC). Speaking to Vatican News, he described the Supreme Court’s October 31 verdict as a victory for the whole nation and a victory for justice.

Many Muslims are also victims of the blasphemy laws, Fr. Emmanuel Yousaf said that the verdict is beneficial for all the citizens of Pakistan, irrespective of whether they are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Sikh or of other faiths.

According to the priest, most Pakistanis will be happy with the verdict in favour of “this poor lady” who, despite being innocent had to spend about 10 years in prison in solitary confinement.  

God listened to prayers.

According to the NCJP national director, God has listened to her prayers and the prayers of all of us, including those of the good-hearted Muslim brothers and sisters who believe in justice. 
The priest invoked blessings on the judges for delivering justice. He also invoked blessings on the nation saying Muslims, Christians and others, all are citizens of Pakistan and love their country. He said they need to continue praying for their nation.

Fr. Yousaf appealed to the entire world to pray for the Church in Pakistan that is suffering but which is strong in faith. He also urged for prayers for the country that it may prosper. 

Controversial blasphemy laws.      

The blasphemy laws remain an extremely sensitive issue in ‎the predominantly Muslim nation and they have ‎drawn intense criticism even within the country. Influential Punjab governor Salman Taseer and the Minister for Minorities Affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti, a Catholic, were both assassinated in ‎2011 after they defended Asia Bibi and spoke out ‎against her death sentence and the misuse of ‎the blasphemy laws.‎‎

Protests across country
Following the announcement, protests broke out in various cities on the call of the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), a far-right political and religious group led by firebrand Muslim leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi that has long called for Bibi to be executed. 

TLP leaders, including Rizvi, gathered outside government buildings in the eastern city of Lahore, while smaller groups of protesters blocked roads in the southern city of Karachi, the capital Islamabad and various towns in Punjab province.

Following the verdict, TLP called for the deaths of the judges who overturned Bibi’s sentence, as well as the ouster of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government.

[The judges] who have ordered the release of the accursed Aasia are all liable to be killed under religious edict,” said despicable Afzal Qadri, a TLP leader, at the Lahore protest.

TLP and its followers have often accused rights groups that work with those accused of blasphemy, and courts that have upheld appeals, of working under foreign influence. The lawyers for the complainant in the case, prayer leader Muhammad Salim, said they would decide whether to file a review petition after reading the detailed verdict.

We were expecting this decision, because the judges are bound in slavery,” said an angry Tahira Shaheen, one of Salim’s lawyers.

This is the slavery of the West, of which we have never been set free.”

Hundreds gathered at Islamabad’s Faizabad interchange, blocking a major highway and demanding that decision to acquit Bibi be rescinded [Asad Hashim/Al Jazeera]

Must take revenge’

In the capital Islamabad, hundreds of protesters gathered to block the main Faizabad highway interchange, a key entry point into the city.

We must take revenge for this verdict,” said Malik Bashir Awan, father to Mumtaz Qadri, the man who assassinated Punjab Governor Taseer in 2010 over his support for Bibi.

His words were met with loud cheers, and chants for those who commit blasphemy to be beheaded.

Bibi’s family, and those of other people accused of blasphemy, have long faced death threats, and are forced to change their whereabouts often due to security concerns. They were not present in court on Wednesday. 

The government is not interested in my security,” said Malook, Bibis lawyer. “That I am alive now is only under Allah’s protection”.

At the protest in Islamabad, demonstrators said they would continue to block the highway until their demands were met.

Our faith says that a blasphemer must be put to death,” said Hasan Chisti, 31, a vegetable shop owner who participated in a three-week TLP blockade of the same highway interchange last year.

We do not accept this decision at all, and we will stay here as long as our leaders demand it.” 

Meanwhile, let us thank God for sparing the life of Asia Bibi through the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and pray to God to remove the scales off the eyes of hate-filled, religious extremists and bring about their conversion! 

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