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Watch Video – The Late Show Host Stephen Colbert Cleverly Recites The Nicene Creed To Atheist Ricky Gervais. 

Watch Video – The Late Show Host Stephen Colbert Cleverly Recites The Nicene Creed To Atheist Ricky Gervais. 

Awesome video! 

Stephen Colbert The Late Show host recently spoke with comedian Ricky Gervais, in which they conversed back-and-forth about their religious beliefs.

Colbert is very vocal about his Catholic faith, while Gervais is unconvinced and unsure of the existence of God. (he believes in his dogs!) 

The two also discuss death, as well as why Colbert believes in God’s existence.

At the 6:46 mark, Colbert defends his belief in God by quickly and cleverly reciting part of the Nicene Creed. It was a pretty epic moment!

From the way Colbert speaks, you can definitely tell he disagrees with Gervais’ logic. He, in a way, challenges him to believe!

Also, in a subtle and gentle manner, Colbert evangelizes to Gervais. It’s actually an awesome witness of how we are called to evangelize the faith to non-believers!

Colbert is often vocal about his faith. He’s expressed his take on the benefits of Catholicism versus Protestantism, and revealed his favorite bible verse, favorite saint, confirmation name, and his favorite Catholic hymn to America Magazine a few years ago.

Although Colbert is unafraid to speak about his Catholic faith, he has openly supported gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are “of grave depravity” based on Sacred Scripture. The Catholic Church teaches that people with homosexual tendencies “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity,” but that homosexual acts constitute “grave depravity,” are “intrinsically disordered,” and that “under no circumstances can they be approved.” Instead, “homosexual persons are called to chastity.” (CCC 2357-2359).

Watch the full video below:

How Hollywood Actor Tom Cruise Came So Close To Being A Catholic Priest Before He Got ‘Kicked Out’ Of Seminary! 

How Hollywood Actor Tom Cruise Came So Close To Being A Catholic Priest Before He Got ‘Kicked Out’ Of Seminary! 

He could have been fighting real bad guys instead of pretending to fight them in movies!
Tom Cruise was a blank slate when he took Hollywood by storm in 1981 — but his success came despite an abusive father, troubled teen years and all-consuming infatuation with the Catholic Church that ended when he was apparently asked to leave for stealing booze.

Cruise is a three-time Academy Award nominee and perhaps the best-known member of the controversial Church of Scientology — but before he was in showbiz, he was Tommy Mapother, an introverted, lonely brown-haired boy who was a devout Catholic.

Cruise was only 14 in 1976 when his mother Mary packed him and his three sisters into a car and moved them to Louisville from Ottawa, Canada, after she broke up with his abusive, electrican father, Tommy Sr., who died in 1984.

Cruise was 'kicked out' of seminary following an incident where he and an unruly band of boys pilfered the priests' liquor cabinet.

Cruise was ‘kicked out’ of seminary following an incident where he and an unruly band of boys pilfered the priests’ liquor cabinet. (MySpace)

Lost and alone, Cruise gravitated toward a friendly priest who was recruiting students to attend the St. Francis Seminary School in Cincinnati.

Tom was instantly hooked,” said Father Ric Schneider, who gave the speech that brought Cruise to seminary school. “I think he wanted a good education. With his parents going through a divorce, it was tough on him, that’s maybe one of the reasons he came here.”

He as a typical teenager, trying to find his way in life. We would give them an IQ test, and he just about made the cut. The cutoff is 110, and he scored exactly 110,” said Schneider, who frequently gave the young teen a ride back to Louisville from Cincinnati for holidays.

Cruise’s closest buddy from the seminary, Shane Dempler, said he was very sincere about becoming a priest.

He had a very strong Catholic faith,” Dempler said. “We went to Mass, spent time in the chapel and enjoyed hearing stories from the priests. We thought the priests had a great lifestyle and we were really interested in the priesthood.

“In truth,” Dempler added, “we were too young to make that decision.”

Cruise didn’t stand out as an excellent pupil — in fact, teachers described him as mediocre in studies and sometimes uncommunicative, especially when it came to his family and background.

He never elaborated, but I think he was there to run away from his dad,” said classmate and soccer teammate John Kowalski. “He had a good personality, but he was closed about his family, even back then.”

The strict Franciscan seminary — where students had to learn Latin, Greek and German — had a drama club that Cruise joined for the two years he was there.

In sport and acting, he came out of his shell. They were competitions, you see, and if it were competitive, he’d be on it. Otherwise he’d just survey the scene,” said Dempler.

“We had a great drama teacher in Father Aubert (Grieser). He taught us how to speak in public. We used to get into trouble, as Aubert would tell us not to spit when we were speaking and we’d spit on purpose. It’d cost us 50 cents.”

Grieser forced Cruise to memorize entire plays and voice all the characters. The school’s drama department traveled to competitions and Cruise and Dempler would compete head-to-head against other young thespians. 

Priests at the seminary have said Cruise chose to leave the school when his family relocated again, this time to New Jersey. But Dempler remembers it differently.

He and Cruise weren’t troublemakers, but they liked to sneak out and smoke cigarettes.

“Standard stuff for a kid on a Saturday night,” Dempler said.

But one night the duo got the bright idea of stealing some liquor from their Franciscan fathers, who were planning a celebration, Dempler said.

Dempler sneaked into the room where the liquor was stashed and threw bottle after bottle out the window to Cruise, waiting below.

“(I) tossed about six, most broke, but we managed to get a couple and hide them in the nearby woods,” said Dempler. “The priests didn’t even realize until some of the other boys found out about our plan and snuck into the woods and got drunk. They were caught staggering down the road to the seminary and forced to confess.

“The school wrote a letter to our parents saying they liked us both, but would prefer if we didn’t return. So we weren’t kicked out, just preferred not to go,” said Dempler.

Cruise could not be reached for comment about the incident.

The future star left Louisville — and within five years had his breakout role as a crazed military kid in “Taps.”

Next up was “Risky Business” in 1983, and “Top Gun,” and from there Cruise shot straight to the Hollywood A-list, where he’s remained for 30 years.

One of his former teachers still can’t believe it.

“He was very unremarkable,” said the teacher, Salvio Russo. “You would never have thought he’d make it, although he did have a really neat smile.”

-Culled From New York Daily News.

‘You Can’t Ignore God And Still Expect His Blessings’ – A Priest’s Warning. 

‘You Can’t Ignore God And Still Expect His Blessings’ – A Priest’s Warning. 

One cannot expect to ignore the Holy Spirit and receive his blessings at the same time.

One cannot expect to ignore God’s will and yet receive the benefits of following Him.

One cannot treat God as a hobby and expect to be treated as His son or daughter.

One cannot blow off the teachings of the Church yet expect to receive its benefits unabated.

One cannot spread discord, detraction, and calumny and call yourself a loyal son or daughter.

One cannot allow the sin of another, real or perceived, to be cause and justification for one’s own sin.

We can only reap the crop we sow.

We will have the measure used on us that we used on others.

This is why Catholicism is hard. The focus of judging actions always starts with the manner in which they either judge or give license to their own sin. It is in this that we understand the necessity we have for God’s mercy and necessity we have to be agents of God’s mercy: neither ignoring or enabling sin, but always calling to holiness.

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As October Devotion Begins, This Story Might Inspire Someone.

As October Devotion Begins, This Story Might Inspire Someone.

As October devotion begins today, this story might inspire someone:

The girl! 

As I picked up her rosary beads to pray, tears came to my eyes. The tiny brownish beads felt strange and hard on my fingers. I had not prayed the rosary in years. I wasn’t even sure I could still remember the prayers correctly. I was not the praying type. But I was now determined to try. The little girl had been very clear when she gave me that one last instruction. It seemed God had given her that last moment of lucidity. I would never be able to forgive myself if I didn’t do as she asked…


I had begun the day full of confidence, without an inkling I would end up here. Being owner and CEO of chains of companies meant you constantly had to be at meetings and seminars on end. This was my life. I lived and loved it. Herbie, my wife had waved at me from the patio as Suleiman my driver drove me out of the compound that early dawn. Herbie was still donned in her nightie and she looked like she would be going right back to bed. Unlike Herbie, I was an early bird. I went to bed early and rose early. Today, I had a 7:00am flight to Abuja (Nigeria), and I left as early as 5:00am. I never joked with time.
We had just left the gate before Suleiman (the driver) started acting up, or so I thought. He drew the black luxurious SUV to the side of the street, put the car on park, and quickly went out of the vehicle. Before I could ask what the matter was, he was retching noisily into the gutter nearby. I waited about ten seconds before coming out of the car. 

“Are you okay?” I asked, as soon as I was standing by Suleiman’s side. 

“Yes sir!” He answered. But he didn’t seem fine to me. He was sweating profusely in that morning chill. He bent double again and continued emptying whatever he had inside his stomach into the gutter. 

“What did you eat?” I asked again, when it seemed he was done. 

“Oka, I nor know fah. Wallahi! But I nor peel pine Oka. Kai mana!” (Boss, I don’t know at all, but I don’t feel too good). 

“Are you sure?”


“Okay, take me back to the compound and call me another driver.” I glanced at my gold-plated wrist watch. I had already lost close to twenty minutes. 

Suleiman looked at me with a pained expression on his face. “Oka, nor vex fah! Na only me dey today. Madam say na just to drive go airfort today.” (“Boss, don’t be offended, I’m the only driver available”). 

I rubbed my gradually balding head and straightened out the collars of my navy blue Tuxedo. I had two options – call a cab, or drive myself. I looked at my wrist watch again – forty minutes lost! 

“Okay, tell Madam I’ll leave the car at the airport garage. She can send someone to get it later.”

Yes sir.” Suleiman seemed relieved. He was wiping his mouth and trying to look smart in his chauffeur uniform. I waited for some more seconds before getting into the car and driving off in a rush… 


I knocked her over before I saw her. How was I to know there was a child in the middle of the road that early morning? I had been so occupied with the things I had to do as soon as I got to Abuja that I wasn’t really concentrating on the driving… 


She couldn’t have been more than twelve. The pain that tugged at my heart was too much to bear. She hadn’t given me any number to call. She hadn’t been able to talk much after the accident. I had driven like a maniac to a private hospital, with the child at the back seat, but it had been too late. 

Just before they had taken her into the ICU, she had pressed her rosary beads into my hands and looked straight into my eyes, “I forgive you,” she said, in a voice barely audible enough to hear. “Pray the rosary for me. I forgive you…”

Minutes later, she was dead. That was when I called Herbie… 


I was later to accept the fact that no one seemed to know the child. We went to media houses and put up announcements, hoping anyone would call with information about the girl. None came. I was completely dazed. It was the strangest day of my life. For the first time in my life, I, Chief Mike Anuforo had a situation I couldn’t handle. Not in my sixty years of existence had I witnessed anything like it. I had completely forgotten about the rosary till later that night when I switched the Cable TV to Channels Television. The plane I was to take to Abuja had crashed on landing, killing everyone on board. As Herbie prayed the rosary with me, amidst many tears, I realised that an angel had given her life for mine… 


© Oselumhense Anetor, 2017.

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