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The Blessed Virgin Mary Rewards This Little Girl With This Miracle For Praying The Rosary

The Blessed Virgin Mary Rewards This Little Girl With This Miracle For Praying The Rosary

Two girls (two little sisters) were saying the Rosary very nicely and devoutly in front of their home. A beautiful Lady suddenly appeared, walked towards the younger—-who was only about six or seven—-took her by the hand, and led her away. Her elder sister was very startled and looked for the little girl everywhere. At last still not having found her, she went home and heart-brokenly told her parents that her sister had been kidnapped. For three whole days, the poor father and mother sought the child but could not find her.

At the end of the third day, they found her at the front door looking extremely happy and pleased. Naturally, they asked her where on earth she had been, and she told them that the Lady to whom she had been saying her Rosary had taken her to a lovely place where she had given her delicious things to eat. She said that the Lady had also given her a Baby Boy to hold, that He was very beautiful and that she had kissed Him over and over again.

The father and mother, who had been converted to the Catholic Faith only a short time before, sent at once for the Jesuit Father who had instructed them for their reception into the Church and who had also taught them devotion to the Most Holy Rosary. They told him everything that had happened and it was this priest himself who told me this story. It all took place in Paraguay.

So, dear children imitate these little girls and say your Rosary every day as they always did. If you do this you will earn the right to go to Heaven to see Jesus and Mary. If it is not their wish that you should see them in this life, at any rate after you die you will see them for all eternity. Amen. So be it.

Therefore let all men, the learned and the ignorant, the just and the sinners, the great and the small praise and honor Jesus and Mary, night and day, by saying the Most Holy Rosary. “Salute Mary who hath labored much among you. ” [Romans 16:6.]

5 Ways To Help Your Child Prepare For First Holy Communion

5 Ways To Help Your Child Prepare For First Holy Communion

First Communion is such an exciting and spiritually important day in the life of a young Catholic. Your child will receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ for the first time. Because it is such a wonderful day, Catholic families celebrate together when it happens. So many traditions have grown out of this practice. The children wear special clothes, girls wear beautiful white dresses, and the boys dress in suits. Parents throw parties, and they spend days getting ready to feed their family and friends.

Sometimes the logistics for First Communion celebrations overshadow the most important piece in the celebration: The growth in faith and discipleship that your child experiences. No matter how great your priest and parish is with their education programs, parents are the most important teachers every child has. Here are some ideas for you to help your child prepare for First Communion.

1. Teach by Example

No matter what you try to tell your kids, children learn most from your actions. It doesn’t matter how much you talk about being a good Catholic if you don’t live it. You child will see what you do and emulate it. The most important component of preparing your child for First Communion is living as a faithful Catholic yourself.

How do you do it? Start by attending Mass with your whole family at least every Sunday. If your parish offers daily Mass, consider going to one or more during the week, too. The Mass is the most basic level of devotion for the Catholic. You hear the Holy Scriptures, you pray together with God’s people, and you receive the Eucharist to sustain you in your faith.

When you attend Mass, participate in the liturgy. While the priest leads the liturgy and consecrates the Eucharist, the congregation also has an important role. The rubrics of your missal call for the people to respond by speaking or singing. If you sit silently through the Mass, as if it were a painful burden, your child will learn to do the same thing. If you participate with joy and gusto, your child will learn to do the same and may grow to enjoy the Mass.

Help your child to memorize the parts of the Mass that repeat every Sunday, so they can participate, too. The Mass is designed with non-readers in mind, so children can easily learn to participate even before they become strong readers.

Before children receive First Communion, they receive the sacrament of Reconciliation. You should do the same, repeatedly. Go to confession regularly with the whole family. Show your child the examination of conscience that you use to prepare. Not only will you receive the forgiveness of sins, but you will also teach your child to do the same.

2. Pray for Your Child

Prayer for your child should be a lifelong commitment. In the days and months leading up to taking First Communion, pray especially for your child’s preparation for the sacrament. Ask for intercessions from not just a saint with whom you have devotion, but also to one with whom your child is connected.

Pray also to a saint who is especially connected to the Eucharist. While every saint is devoted to the sacrament, some are particularly famous. Choose one as a patron and guide for your child’s preparation for communion.

3. Teach Your Child at Home

When most children are learning to read, parents will read them books so they can practice. You might talk about the letters and the sound each letter makes. Learning to read takes work at home and at school. Learning about the faith is no different. If you want your child to understand how important communion is for Catholics, you need to emphasize it at home, too.

Most parishes have a series of classes they require before a child’s First Communion. A priest might teach it, the director of religious education, or maybe a volunteer. Before your child attends the first class, talk with the instructor about the curriculum. Ask for resources that you can use at home to reinforce what they are teaching in class. If they don’t have anything, you can find some wonderful books that guide parents through raising their children in the Catholic faith.

4. Look for Teachable Moments

A teachable moment is an experience where your child might be more open to learning about something. It can be a question your child asks you, an event you attend, or something that happens to you. If you pay attention, you’ll find the perfect moment to have a short, casual talk about the meaning of communion.

One of the most likely times for this is at Mass. Most children are full of questions, and they’ll ask them as soon as they can. If your child asks something in Mass, embrace it as a teachable moment. Quietly whisper your best answer. If you don’t know, say so, and then bring your child to the priest to ask the question. Everyone appreciates that kind of honesty, and your child is no different. Plus, asking the priest models how adults get answers to the questions they have.

5. Emphasise the Sacrament on the Day

Most Catholic parents have a party to help emphasise the importance of communion and the joy the whole family has as your child takes this sacrament of initiation for the first time. You’ll find the right clothes, invite family members, and make lots of food. The party is a great way to show how important communion truly is.

As you prepare, keep in mind that the party can also distract from the main event, the sacrament. The gifts, the food, the clothes, and everything else can become so important for the child, and for you, that the Eucharist becomes an afterthought. In each stage of preparation, think about ways you can turn the attention of the party back to the Mass. If your family members give First Communion gifts on the day, encourage them to find something that points to the Eucharist rather than giving money.

The sacraments of initiation are important milestones for a Catholic child. They mark each child’s growth in faith and devotion in the church. You, the parent, are the most important guide your child has for the faith. With a little work and some preparation, you can have fun preparing your child for First Communion, and you will help to build a foundation of faith that will last a lifetime.

VIRAL VIDEO!! Chinese Christians Receive The Bible For The First Time And Their Reaction Is Priceless

VIRAL VIDEO!! Chinese Christians Receive The Bible For The First Time And Their Reaction Is Priceless

Gazing upon their look of ecstatic, joyful, child-like wonder, one can’t help but be moved. My eyes quickly glanced to the Bible at my side, standing there, one book among many. How many times have I looked upon it? How many times have my hands grasped it? How many times have I drunk from its riches? Yet, how often do I treat it as just one book among many others?

How many of us are like that certain man found at Betsaida (cfr. Jn 5), who lied there waiting for 38 years to descend and experience those healing waters? Perhaps our desire is weak. Do we want to be healed, to be made whole? Perhaps we seek to grasp its riches on our own as if we didn’t need Holy Spirit to show us the way?

When we read the Sacred Scriptures, is it an authentic act of faith? Are we going there to read one more book or are we going to encounter Christ? What is the Bible for us in our lives?

See Video Below

Source: Catholiclink

Amazing Real Life Encounters With Guardian Angels

Amazing Real Life Encounters With Guardian Angels

Guardian angels exist. They are mentioned in the Bible and several people have had amazing encounters with the divine beings.

One online community came together to share how guardian angels saved their lives or kept them from severe, life-altering situations.

Across several Reddit threads, several users offered their personal experiences, which resulted in others commenting theirs as well.

User lightenergy shared: “When I was in my 20s, I spent 4 years traveling the world. I was in South Africa, just outside Durban, and a friend had taken me on his motorbike to his favorite waterfall.

“We had both been swimming, but I got cold, so I went to sit on a patch of green grass. To get there, I had to step from the sand I was on, over a log then across a bit to the grass.
“I was walking medium speed, and lifted one foot to step over the log when a VERY loud booming masculine voice shouted “STOP.” Except the shout wasn’t heard with my ears, it was INSIDE my head.

“Hard to explain. Also, there was nobody else around except Tim and me, and he was still happily swimming. I stopped, wondering what had just happened. I still had my foot in the air above the log.

“I looked around, and spotted what I thought was a leaf waving about 6 inches from my big toe. It took me a few seconds to realise that it wasn’t a leaf, but a snake. A Black Mamba.

“He had his head raised, and was licking the air right near my toe. He was waiting to see what my next move was to be, and he had seen me long before I saw him. I slowly backed up and walked very carefully backward to where Tim was.
“I have no explanation [for] the voice that I heard, except that it was so loud and was inside my head rather than heard with my ears, and it came at a time when I didn’t feel in any danger at all – in fact, I was very calm and happy. I feel that it was my guardian angel who shouted at me to stop, as I would have stepped right on the snake. My guardian angel saved my life.”

Guardian angels interact with people all the time – whether their voices stop us from taking another step or they physically appear to us.

Reddit user babylima shared: “A few months after my best friend overdosed on oxycontin, I put myself in a psych ward since I wasn’t taking it too well. I remember one night was especially bad and I couldn’t relax. My doctors ave me an Ativan and let me lay down.

“About 30 minutes later, an African-American nurse with her hair wrapped up, named Angela (being totally serious) came in, asked if I was okay and then started praying with me. She held my hand and we said the Lord’s Prayer until I fell asleep.

“The next morning I went to the nurse’s station to thank her, and the nurses there said there was nobody there by that name or anyone who fit the description. It was crazy.”

Sometimes, our guardian angels don’t even interact with us, but we still benefit from their divine interventions.

One user, lightstep, wrote: “A friend of mine told be about an experience his grandmother had when she was home alone once, in the middle of the day someone knocked on her door and when she went to answer it she was greeted by a man with [a] knife ready to kill her and loot the place, but when he saw her, he went pale and ran, he was later caught and questioned about why he ran, and his response was “when the door opened I saw two large and strong men standing behind her” and to this day my friend swears that it must have been two angels sent to protect her.”

Psalm 91:11 tells us, “he has given his angels orders about you to guard you wherever you go. They will carry you in their arms in case you trip over a stone. You will walk upon wild beast and adder, you will trample young lions and snakes.”

The Bible is clear: We are God’s beloved children and we are protected by his powerful angels.

Source: catholicsay

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