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Photos of The Miraculous Grotto Where Mary Breastfed Baby Jesus

Photos of The Miraculous Grotto Where Mary Breastfed Baby Jesus

The Holy Family’s Flight into Egypt was prompted by an Angel visiting Joseph in a dream and warning him that King Herod would seek out to harm the newborn Baby Jesus in order to protect his throne. They quickly fled into Egypt, but early on in their travels they found refuge from Herod’s soldiers in a miraculous grotto during the Massacre of the Innocents, today known as the Milk Grotto.

“When they had departed, behold, the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and said, “Rise, take the child and his mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I tell you. Herod is going to search for the child to destroy him.” Joseph rose and took the child and his mother by night and departed for Egypt” – Matthew 2:13-14

Tradition says that in this grotto while the Holy Family was resting before continuing on their journey into Egypt, the Virgin Mary nursed a hungry Christ Child. A single drop of Mary’s milk fell upon the ground inside the grotto, and the limestone miraculously turned from it’s original yellowish-brown to a pure white.

The Milk Grotto quickly became a site of pilgrimage for early Christians, who believed that mixing the soft white chalk of the cave in their food or drink will improve fertility and milk production. Couples having trouble conceiving would travel all across Christendom to the Milk Grotto in hopes the white powder would help bring them a child. By the late 4th century, a small chapel was built around the cave to show reverence for it’s miraculous nature.

In 1872, the current Chapel of the Milk Grotto was built over the site of the original 4th century chapel, with just fragments of the floor remaining. The chapel is located in Bethlehem on the West Bank, just a short distance south of the Church of the Nativity.

Today, pilgrims visiting the Milk Grotto are able to receive a small bag of the “milk powder” from the custodial friars of the grotto. Couples looking to benefit follow a forty day devotion, which includes drinking a small amount of the powder daily and saying a daily prayer for fertility. Every year, the friars receive pictures of newborn children and letters from thousands of couples attesting to the miraculous nature of the powder and how it helped them conceive.

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(SEE VIDEO) A Powerful Prayer For Anyone In Debt

(SEE VIDEO) A Powerful Prayer For Anyone In Debt




Heavenly Father,
I Come before you today to ask for
a financial blessing to improve my life.

My faith keeps me strong,
and I know you will provide for me
and the people I love.

I do not seek a large sum of money.
I do not trouble you for unneeded comforts
or luxury. I only ask for enough money
to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress.

Give me the means to do your work,
and spread your Love. I have so much
to give if only I were allowed the chance.

In the Name of Jesus Christ your Son, I pray.


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This is the Meaning of Each Part of the Hail Mary

This is the Meaning of Each Part of the Hail Mary

Each part of the Hail Mary prayer has a meaning based on the Holy Scriptures and Tradition.

The Hail Mary is one of the most cherished prayers of the Catholic people. It is the oldest prayer we know addressed to Our Lady, our Mother, Mother of Jesus and the Church. It is in the Bible itself, the revelation of God.

“Hail, full of grace”

At the Annunciation, the Angel greeted her, “Hail, full of grace.” Mary was the only one who found grace before God, because she was the only one “conceived without original sin”. In the apparitions to Saint Catherine Labouré in France in 1830, she asked that what was known as the “Miraculous Medal” be minted. In golden letters, Catherine saw the beautiful phrase written: “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you!”

The Lord is with you.

“The Lord is with you,” said the Archangel Gabriel. Mary has a deep intimacy with God. Our Catechism says that “from all eternity, God chose to be the Mother of His Son, a daughter of Israel, a young Jewish woman from Nazareth in Galilee,” a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph from the house of David, and the name of the virgin was Mary ‘(Lk 1, 26-27). ” She is the Daughter of the Father, she is the Mother of the Son, and she is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. It is in full unity with the Holy Trinity. In a single woman God has Mother, Daughter and Wife.

Blessed among all women

“Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb” (Lk 1:42). This is how St. Elizabeth greeted the Virgin, “in a loud voice” and “filled with the Holy Spirit.” And the boy John the Baptist shuddered in his bosom. Elizabeth made it clear why Mary is “blessed among all women”: “Whence comes the honor of coming to me the Mother of my Lord?” (V. 43). And Elizabeth completes: “Blessed are you who have believed …” (v.44).

The blessed fruit of his womb is God himself, the Son of God, incarnate in his virginal womb: Jesus. She is the Mother of God. When the heretic Nestorius, patriarch of Constantinople, wanted to deny this truth, the people revolted, and the Council of Nicaea in 431 confirmed the divine motherhood of Mary: (Theotókos). “All generations will call me blessed” (Lk 1:48), so the piety of the Church towards the Blessed Virgin is intrinsic to Christian worship.

After we greet the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, with these words that descended from heaven, the prayer of the Hail Mary leads us to implore the Lord’s graces through the intercession of the one whom God can not deny.

Holy Mary Mother of God

What can not the Mother of the Most High? What can not, before the throne of grace, achieve that which is His Mother, Bride and Daughter? The miracle of the Marriage of Cana (John 2) says everything, shows the great intercessory power of the Mother before the Son.

That is why the Church has always taught us: “Ask the Mother that the Son attends!” The good son denies nothing to his mother, so St. Bernard of Clairvaux, a doctor of the Church, called her “Supplicating omnipotence.” He obtains everything, by grace, what God can by nature.

Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death

And we sinners begged him: “Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.” He obtains from the King the great benefits those who are close to Him, those who have intimacy with Him. Who more than Mary has intimacy with God? How many people ask me to mediate a request with the founder of Canção Nova, Monsignor Jonas Abib, because they know I have intimacy with him! So it is with God. This is the power of intercession.

The Most Holy Mother before her Son prays for us without ceasing. Said the Second Vatican Council, which “assumes to the heavens … by its multiple intercession, the gifts of eternal salvation continue to reach us. (…) Therefore, the Blessed Virgin Mary is invoked in the Church under the titles of lawyer, helper, protector and mediatrix. “(N.969).

“The motherly mission of Mary on behalf of men in no way obscures or diminish the unique mediation of Christ; on the contrary, it even shows its power, for all the salutary influx of the blessed Virgin (…) derives from the superabundant merits of Christ, is based on its mediation, depends entirely on it and draws its full strength from it “(n. 970)

Our Mother prays for us at every moment, even if we are not aware of it; especially protects those who are earnestly consecrated to him. In a special way, defend us at the hour of death. How many souls does the Virgin Mary save at the hour of death! Especially those who are consecrated to him. Saint Bernard said that it is not possible that a good son of Mary should be lost.

Therefore, we urge her to pray for us, especially at the decisive hour of our death. When we pray the Holy Rosary, we offer her spiritual roses, which she brings to God for us. It does not hold them to itself, for the rosary is the meditation of the whole life of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Why Mary Was “Assumed” And Jesus “Ascended” – Why You Should Know 

Why Mary Was “Assumed” And Jesus “Ascended” – Why You Should Know 

The great feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven is celebrated annually on August 15th, which is usually a holy day of obligation for all Catholics.

No, the feast is not about us guessing (or “assuming”) that Mary is in heaven; rather, the feast celebrates the dogma of the Catholic faith that Mary, at the end of her earthly life, was taken up body and soul into heaven, where she lives to this day. This is different than what happens to most Christians, whose bodies remain on earth while their souls go to heaven.

But why is this called an “assumption”? Our Lord Jesus also went to heaven, body and soul, at the end of his time on earth, but we refer to it as his “ascension.”

The difference has to do with who Mary and Jesus are and how they got to heaven.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God made man, with both divine and human natures. When he went to heaven, body and soul, at the end of his earthly life, he did so on his own power. Jesus himself was the active agent. Thus, he ascended (active) into heaven.

Mary, on the other hand, is of course merely a creature, dependent entirely on the gratuitous grace of God for anything. She could not and did not go to heaven on her own power, but instead was taken there. Thus, she was assumed (passive) into heaven.

Catholic theology is generally very careful with its words. Often, as in this case, a seemingly small difference in terminology can be a sign of important distinctions.

Blessed Mary, Assumed into Heaven, please pray for us!

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