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Why Mary Is The Mortal Enemy Of Satan.

Why Mary Is The Mortal Enemy Of Satan.

The Virgin Mother is the MORTAL ENEMY OF SATAN, Gen. 3:15. Satan hates Christ, BUT respects His Divinity. 

However, Satan REVILES with UTMOST CONTEMPT the Virgin Mother because She is not just a mere human but also a woman endowed with every gift of the Holy Spirit to the fullest, Luke 1:28; and it is because of Her humility and obedience to God in everything that defeats the pride of Satan. 

Her being a mere human raised to glory above him by the grace of God is of never ending torment to him because he was at one time the greatest and most beautiful of all angels. And because of his arrogance, God created a lowly creature to be exalted above him to show that God will never be mocked and get away with it. It is this imitation of Mary that makes us also hated by her greatest enemy. When we pray the Rosary in front of an image of the sublime and holy Mother of Christ it adds to his torment, to his defeat and to our victory with Her.

For two millennia, the Devil has done everything in his power to discourage devotion to her and instill hatred of her. 

Have you ever noticed that it is the Marian dogmas and devotions that arouse the strongest reactions in those who reject the Church? Even some good Catholics are embarrassed by devotion to our Lady, and think that we should not be too extreme in her veneration.

Perhaps you have also wondered why the Church holds the Immaculate Virgin in such great consideration. Perhaps you wondered why God decided to use it in the work of redemption. Today I would like to analyze a little about why the devil hates the Blessed Virgin so much, and why we should be her faithful knights.


The scene is the garden of Eden. The characters are God, the snake, Adam and Eve. The devil smirks in triumph. He has just deceived Eve, and also Adam through her. He is proud of himself. One can almost feel the demonic pride in destruction, because it has managed to ruin the divine work of creation and has dragged human beings – for whom God has special love – into death and misery.

God appeared on the scene to bring order, declaring the tragic misfortune derived from sin, but also to proclaim the protoevangelium, the first mention of the Gospel and the fate of the devil.

God begins by addressing Satan, telling him that he will eat dust for the rest of his days. Then he reveals something that horrifies Satan – his definitive defeat will come at the hands of a woman.

I will put enmity between you and the woman, between your race and its lineage: this will crush your head and you will inside your heel (Genesis 3:15)

Scholars argue that the pronoun in the sentence – “This will crush your head” – be it masculine or feminine, that is, if you refer to the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ, but I will reveal a little secret: it does not matter. Jesus will crush Satan through Mary. She is the instrument that Jesus wields when he destroys his ancient enemy.

Taking this into account, it is legitimate to say “he will crush your head” just as it is legitimate to say “she will crush your head”.It’s a little ‘say to an armed assailant “Another step and I’ll shoot you” and “Another step and my 44 magnum will make you fly away”. Both are true statements.

Why then being defeated by Mary hurts the devil so much? Because God wants to use Mary to defeat Satan. I’ll explain it to you.


The devil hates, I mean that he resists the idea that his final defeat will come at the hands of a humble handmaid. In a certain way, his proud heart could bear the fact of being defeated by God himself because he is omnipotent, but being crushed by a little girl from Nazareth? The thought is completely humiliating. It drives him crazy. Because if there is one thing that the most proud creature of all creation hates is to be humiliated.


Satan considers this defeat by the humiliating Virgin Mary because she is a woman, and women are the weaker sex (1 Peter 3: 7), and he despises weakness. He loves nothing more than to see women abused, degraded and reduced to an object. Not to mention the fact that the Blessed Virgin is human, and Satan hates humans because we have a body, and he is a pure spirit who thinks the bodies are disgusting. But there is another deeper reason for the fact that Satan hates being defeated by Mary: she is his substitute in heaven. 

Originally, Lucifer was the best result of God. He was more beautiful, more powerful than all the other creatures of God. And as we all know, this gave him to the head. He was so splendid, so powerful, that he really thought he could be better than God. The characteristic features of Satan are the pride and envy of the Almighty.

And what are the characteristics of the Madonna? 

First of all, she is extremely humble. It is in fact the humblest creature that has ever existed. For every ounce of pride the demon has, Mary has twice as much humility. 

For every bit of bitter and hate envy in the black heart of Satan, Mary’s heart is full of double praise, adoration and love. 

For every morsel of perverse and destructive depravity in the soul of the devil, Mary’s heart is full of purity and fecundity. And by grace, God made her the most exquisite and most glorious creature in the whole universe – the title the devil claimed.

In any case, the Immaculate is the exact opposite of Satan. In any case, she is his substitute, and he knows it. This divine exchange of Satan with Mary is revealed in the hymn of praise of Our Lady, the Magnificat:

My soul magnifies the Lord 

and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, 

because he looked at the humility of his servant. 

From now on all generations 

they will call me blessed. 

The Almighty has done great things for me 

and holy is his name: 

His mercy from generation to generation 

it lies on those who fear it. 

He explained the power of his arm, 

he has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts; 

has overthrown the powerful from the thrones, 

he raised the humble; 

he has filled the hungry with good things, 

he sent the rich away empty-handed. 

He has helped Israel, his servant, 

remembering his mercy, 

as he had promised our fathers, 

to Abraham and his descendants, forever.

The worst thing for Satan is that his substitute in heaven is none other than the mother of the Eternal Word, Jesus Christ, whose passion and death have redeemed the humanity that he has done so much to destroy. His “yes” to God has repaired Eve’s disobedience, paving the way for the saving work of the New Adam. The true weakness of Eve that Satan has so despised was replaced by the humble obedience of Mary, an obedience to the will of God that made her powerful beyond all limits.

Virgin Mary Appears On Military Hospital Wall In Argentina

Virgin Mary Appears On Military Hospital Wall In Argentina

Doctor Felipe Urca, through Facebook, shared this miraculous testimony:

On Monday morning, I was at the Cordoba military hospital which was my job as a doctor for almost forty years, until my retirement last October.

Along the corridor in room 7 of the hospital, at dawn on 11 February, a lady had a family member in a very serious condition, and along the corridor she prayed with so much faith invoking the Virgin Mary, and the Virgin was there beside her… suddenly an image began to form on the wall above the heater.

It should be noted that the heater has been put off for months, because here we are in summer and the temperatures are very high. The image was not there before, this is the most shocking and to do a test, some people have tried to clean the image with alcohol but the Image remains there. Looking at her (the Image), from the side it would seem to have a slight relief in some parts, like a certain glow. The features are those of Our Lady of Lourdes, with hands united in prayer.

Hospital Chaplain Fr. Roberto Beldi (L) & Dr. Felipe Urca (R)

This inexplicable image speaks for itself, even if it is still early to speak of miracles, explanations or interpretations will be provided by the ecclesiastical authority. We leave to everyone the discernment of faith and reason to judge the event.

Now we simply talk about the manifestation of the Holy Virgin in our day, who is telling us she is close to the sick, those who suffer and especially those who are devoted to her and ask her intercessions at all times. She is a Super Mother to all. 


Mary, Health Of The Sick, Pray For Us! 

Have You Heard Of Our Lady Of All Nations? (Explaining The Image) 

Have You Heard Of Our Lady Of All Nations? (Explaining The Image) 


The messages of Amsterdam are unique in the history of Marian apparitions because Our Lady gives detailed descriptions of its image in six messages.

Mary appears here as the COREDEMPTRIX in three ways:

• She stands, penetrated by God’s light, before the Cross of her Son, with whom she is inseparably united.

• She has a cloth wrapped around her, which she explains,“Listen carefully to what this means. This is like the Loincloth of the Son. For I Stand as the Lady before the Cross of the Son” (April 15, 1951).

• Her hands have radiant Wounds. Thereby Mary describes in an image the suffering of the body and soul which she borne in union with her Divine Son for the Redemption of Mankind.

Again the Lady directs Ida’s attention to her hands and thus reveals to her that she is MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACE: “Now look at my hands and describe what you see.”

Now it is as if there was a wound in the middle of her hands. From there, from each hand, three rays of light are coming out, shining on the sheep.

The Lady smiles and says“These are three rays, the rays of grace, redemption and peace” (May 31, 1951). Grace from the Father, Redemption from the Son, and Peace from the Holy Spirit.

“I have firmly laid my feet on the globe, for in this time the Father and the Son wants to bring me into this world as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate” (May 31, 1951). This time is our time” (July 2, 1951).

In a biblical representation, Mary shows the visionary sheep around the globe that symbolize all the nations and races of the earth. Then she says that they will not find true rest until they lie down and look at the cross of the world(May 31, 1951).


Fr. Paul Maria Sigl, 
Die Frau aller Völker ‘Miterlöser Mittler’s Fürsprecherin’ 
Amsterdam – Rome, March 25, 1998

Watch Video! Texas Family Emotional After They Found Out That This Marian Statue Was The Only ‘Survivor’ Of Hurricane Harvey 

Watch Video! Texas Family Emotional After They Found Out That This Marian Statue Was The Only ‘Survivor’ Of Hurricane Harvey 


“I dug through everything …the only thing I found, the only thing that survived was the Virgin Mary.”

It wasn’t just wind and rain that caused damage when Hurricane Harvey blasted through the Texas coast. Fires did their share too.

A family in Robstown, just west of Corpus Christi, lost their homes to a fire just as Harvey was hitting the area. The Rojas family had evacuated their three houses on property they own instead of dealing with a category 4 hurricane. They returned to a distressing sight: all three storey Victorian style home was destroyed by fire.

“The first thing I thought is we would have died in here if we would have stayed. We left, so we’re alive and I just wish this wouldn’t have happened,” Natali Rojas said.

The three storey Victorian styled house before the hurricane

But they also found something in the ashes that they say gave them hope — an intact statue of the Virgin Mary.

“Some may blame God and some may blame the hurricane but the only thing standing were, you know, holy things, as you can see this statue is the only thing that survived, I dug in there for things and all I found is a Virgin Mary,” Rojas said.

“Appreciate what you have, listen to the warnings, hug your children and thank God for today and yesterday, and pray for a better tomorrow.”

Mother Mary is the universal sign for hope, she said.

“I want to thank the Fire Department of Robstown for courage to show up in the storm while the tremendous power, the wind, the rain and they were still out here trying their best it was incredible,” she said.

Their family is safe and together and their faith is even stronger than ever after seeing what survived the fire.

The family is looking to rebuild the house they lost from a fire caused by Tropical Storm Harvey.

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