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Church Declares Apparitions Of Brazilian Visionary Edison Glauber As Fake

Church Declares Apparitions Of Brazilian Visionary Edison Glauber As Fake

This includes the “appearance” of St. Joseph in Itapiranga, Brazil.

We Live in an era of “fake news”. It should not be surprising that many apparitions of the Virgin Mary or St. Joseph are not real. In fact, throughout the centuries, the Church has declared countless private revelations as false, and only declares worthy of veneration those accounts that are proven authentic and spiritually fruitful after careful study.

While Catholics are not required to believe any private revelation, even approved ones, apparitions and messages may be approved by the Church for local or universal devotion. The first step in this process is approval by the local bishop of the diocese where the visionary lives. A Vatican document that was drafted in 1978 describes the steps needed to confirm a private revelation.

When Ecclesiastical Authority is informed of a presumed apparition or revelation, it will be its responsibility:

a) first, to judge the fact according to positive and negative criteria (cf. infra, no. I);

b) then, if this examination results in a favorable conclusion, to permit some public manifestation of cult or of devotion, overseeing this with great prudence (equivalent to the formula, “for now, nothing stands in the way”) (pro nunc nihil obstare).

c) finally, in light of time passed and of experience, with special regard to the fecundity of spiritual fruit generated from this new devotion, to express a judgment regarding the authenticity and supernatural character, if the case so merits.

Only the Apostolic See can override a local Ordinary’s decision. It would take something grave and not “motivated by suspect reasons” to reverse such a decision.

The Church is always careful to subject private revelations to a process of study before making any judgment as to the appropriateness of devotion, as it does not want to lead anyone astray from the faith.

Here is a very short list of private revelations over the past century that have been found inauthentic or not of a heavenly supernatural character, and from which the faithful are instructed to stay away:

Virgin Mary Reveals To A Mystic What Happens To Aborted Babies – “Their Parents Will Have To Account For Their Sin…”

Virgin Mary Reveals To A Mystic What Happens To Aborted Babies – “Their Parents Will Have To Account For Their Sin…”


Mirjana: I wouldn’t like to judge anyone; never. Why a woman had an abortion and what life experience she was going through at that time, only she knows. Generally, I don’t like judgments. I don’t like judging anyone, because I don’t know what goes through the mind of a person and why he has done something. When I was in Sarajevo and went to the high school that I talked to you about, which gathered all those who had been expelled from other schools, many girls had an abortion very easily. Then they came to school in the afternoon and spoke, and were at the concert which was held in the evening. To me it was unthinkable! I was very sad about that situation. I cannot say that I was totally shocked, but to a certain extent I was, because I couldn’t understand that a woman could kill an innocent child within herself, speak calmly and then go to a concert in the evening. 

Once I plucked up my courage and, during an apparition, I asked Our Lady why these children could not go to Heaven; why they had to suffer and be killed if they were innocent. They hadn’t chosen it. I said all sorts of things. Then Our Lady said to me maternally and seriously: “No, these children are with me. There is no limbo. They are with me”. Their parents will have to account for their sin of abortion.” That’s what Our Lady told me. 

Here in Medjugorje, I had the opportunity to meet women who had an abortion and the majority of them  I’d say 95 percent of them  repented. They regretted what they did. It is a sincere regret which really comes from their heart. These women are broken. I always recommend that they be honest in their confession, go to a priest, kneel down before God and express their regret. I think that afterwards they all feel better or at least that is what they have told me.


Certain women say it’s their body, so they have a right to decide whatever they want about it.


Mirjana: I don’t agree with that. Of course I wouldn’t say I’m right. This is just how I see, but I disagree. If another life grows in my body, I can not say that that’s my body and that I have a right to decide whatever I want about it. It’s someone else’s life. God created a new man or a new woman. You cannot decide that the child will not live. God created it in your body, but not for you to represent God and decide whether it will live or not.


Do you think God forgives such a sin?

Mirjana: I cannot say whether or not God will forgive it; only God knows. However, we know that Jesus said that what the priest forgives us, will be forgiven. I believe in what He says. Seeing God as a Father, as our Heavenly Father, if you present yourself before Him kneeling and crying from your heart for the sin that you have committed and the remorse you feel, I don’t think that a priest will turn his back on you. I don’t think so.

Heavenly Sign: How The Cross On Križevac Mountain Disappeared, And Our Lady Appeared 

Heavenly Sign: How The Cross On Križevac Mountain Disappeared, And Our Lady Appeared 

At about 5pm on the evening of the 22nd October 1981, Fra. Janko Bubalo looked out of the rectory window in Medjugorje, to see two nuns, kneeling in the pouring rain, in the direction of Krizevac, with their arms stretched out. About seventy men and women were kneeling, oblivious to rain and also gazing in the direction of  Krizevac. Some appeared to be crying, some with awe struck expressions on their faces and some were praying.  The cross on Krizevac disappeared and a statue like figure of a lady appeared.

Looking closer through binoculars, Fra Janko could clearly see a lady dressed in a long gown, a blue-ish veil and there was a crown of stars circling her head. Her arms were outstretched and she stood on a cloud.

Fra. Luka Vlasić testified to seeing the cross disappear and a lady appear with her arms extended. He became conscious that it was a reward for him, for the long hours he spent hearing confessions for the previous four months.

Another witness to this sight was, Fra. Stanko Vasilj. In his account he said; “I affirm all of this, fully aware of my great responsibility before God and the Church.” Again, with the use of binoculars, Fra. Stanko could see a lady, dressed in a luminous light grey ‘cape’. At a certain time he perceived a ray of sparkling light issuing from Her right cheek.

Then, after a period of time a clear, a transparent cloud rose up from where the Cross should be and divided in two, in the shape of a fan, A dark cloud then rose and fell like a curtain on each side of where the Cross was.  The Cross then suddenly re-appeared and the spectacular phenomenon was over.

During the apparition that evening, the visionaries were sad because dear Fr, Jozo was sentenced to three and a half years in  prison. Our Lady said to them; “You should rejoice.”

Then they questioned Our Lady if the phenomenon on Krizevac was supernatural and Our Lady responded:

Yes, I confirm itAll of these signs are designed to strengthen your faith until I leave you the visible and permanent sign.

‘Nobody Will Live Forever…When God Calls You, He Will Ask You About Your Life’ – Virgin Mary

‘Nobody Will Live Forever…When God Calls You, He Will Ask You About Your Life’ – Virgin Mary

Since 36 years, Mirjana, one of the six visionaries who, thanks to Our Lady, leaves us her precious messages to Medjugorje, asked of the Virgin how to be alert and to recognize the face of evil, Mirjana in an interview revealed what Our Lady told her: 

Our Lady said in a message:

“Where I arrive, Satan arrives. Because he can not see holy Masses and prayers without trying to do something. But he has strength if we give it to him. If God reigns in our hearts, Jesus and Our Lady is already occupied”.

Our Lady is the one who has more power against Satan; remaining with her, entrusting herself to her intercession, can make the difference in every moment of our life, between remaining in the Lord’s graces and stopping in despair, hatred and resentment.

If someone thinks these are affirmations of circumstance, he must do nothing but experience them, with an open heart and full hope, to verify their veracity: he will not be disappointed!

“We think we live forever. Nobody will live forever. Every moment can be the one in which God calls us. Because life passes. It’s just a passage. One must earn one’s life with God. (…) Our Lady said in a message: “When God calls you, he will ask you about your life. What will you tell him? How were you? Only that is important”.

And even in this the Virgin helps us very much : she is the model to which we will have to inspire ourselves. His irreproachable behavior is for us the drive towards the search for purity, humility, to recognize oneself without any wisdom or ability, except by divine action.

Praying is the means to free oneself from the superfluous, from everything that obscures or hides the truth, from what makes us waste time in finding a dialogue with the Lord. And praying is not a way to satisfy oneself, but to rediscover the union with all the brothers , in a gigantic embrace that gathers those who yearn for the Creator.

“I wanted to ask you from the heart: please pray for us visionaries, to do all that God wants from us. It is very easy to make mistakes and we need you, your prayers. 
We here in Medjugorje pray for pilgrims every day, so that you can understand why you are here and what God wants from you. Thus we are always united in prayer, as our Mother wants. Always as His children”.

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