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Why You Must Stay Awake During Mass

Why You Must Stay Awake During Mass

During Mass, the risen Jesus is present. He comes to walk and talk with us. He opens the Scriptures for us and challenges us to open our hearts to believe in him. He breaks the bread for us just as he did with his apostles and gives himself to us in his Body and Blood.

Jesus taught the first Christians that when we gather on Sabbath, the Lord’s Day, we are not gathering only with family and friends in our parishes but also with his angels and saints for he is also present on the altar. He is the altar on which the lamb would be sacrificed, the priest and the sacrificial lamb as well.

In a mysterious way, our Mass on earth unites us with God and the heavenly choir in the eternal liturgy of heaven. Our worship in the Mass also makes us one Body in Christ with our fellow Catholics everywhere in the world — in every nation from the rising of the sun to its setting.

Thus, we must approach every Mass with a spirit of reverence and respect.

Your experience of the Mass will change if you try to get there a little early so that you have time to settle your mind and prepare your heart.

Try to enter the sanctuary slowly, reverently and without speaking. Spend a few minutes kneeling and talking to Jesus Christ with real intimacy in the silence of your heart.

When Mass begins and the priest processes to the altar, try to keep in mind that he is not only our friend and our pastor but a physical representation of Christ Ordained by God.

Thus, he will pray and offer the sacrifice of the Mass in the person of Jesus Christ — in persona Christi.

The priest calls us into God’s presence, greeting us with the salutation used by God’s angels in the Bible. When he says, “The Lord be with you,” we should have the same joy that the Blessed Virgin Mary had when God’s angel spoke those words to her.

The priest might instead use St. Paul’s apostolic greeting: “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”

In our new Mass translation, the priest will pray that more precise word, “communion,” instead of “fellowship,” which we are used to hearing. The people will also respond with new words: “And with your spirit.” These words too are from St. Paul.

These small changes remind us that in the Mass, God is sharing himself with us in his Spirit of love, and in his Spirit of love, he is drawing all of us into communion as one family of God.

And with your spirit reminds us that we are more than our material bodies. In Baptism, God has poured his love into our hearts through the gift of his Spirit, making each of us a child of God. What a beautiful gift!

As Jesus said that God is Spirit, and he calls us to worship him in spirit and in truth. The Mass is Spiritual as it has been for Christians since the beginning. In our worship, we join ourselves to Christ’s great act of love on the cross. “Through him, with him and in him”, we offer our lives to God and to our brothers and sisters in love.

May Our Lady help us to stay awake during Mass this week and as well better live the Mass.

Who Are The Doctors of The Church?

Who Are The Doctors of The Church?

There are several definitions of the word “doctor,” but they all go back to the Latin word for “teacher.” But in the world of Catholic vocabulary, a church doctor is a confessor and a saint but not necessarily a martyr. The term confessor emanates from the Latin verb confiteri, “to declare openly,” and the title was given to those who led exemplary Christian lives but did not get the chance to die for their faith (martyrs).

The sanctity and learning of the doctors of the church means that they are an excellent examples of knowledge and inspiration towards two important dimensions of Christian life, faith and reason. In this case, the two dimensions are necessary, none of them is mutually exclusive in as much as faith deepens through knowledge, and knowledge get grounded in faith.

It’s either a pope or an ecumenical council (that is a council representing the whole church) can name a doctor, but in practice it has been popes who make the final declaration.

The church did not get enticed to proclaiming doctors until the 13th century when Pope Boniface VIII named the original four Doctors of the church which are: St. Ambrose (340-397 A.D.),St. Jerome (345-420), St. Augustine (354-430), Pope Gregory the Great (540-604). At the same time, Pius, a Dominican friar,(also named a brother Dominican) added Thomas Aquinas, to the list. Meanwhile, presently there are about 33 doctors of the Church.

It is a fact thing that every doctor in the church today has to be a canonized saint. Meanwhile, official sainthood is not so much a formal requirement, but it points to another defining characteristic of sanctity of doctorhood. It also points to one of their chief characteristics, what is usually referred to as an excellent learning.

Their expounding of the faith has been judged to be sound and of benefit to the whole church. But in everything, what matters is that you can lay your trust on a doctor when it comes to theological doctrine.

A Wonderful Prayer You Should Say After Holy Communion

A Wonderful Prayer You Should Say After Holy Communion

Lord, Father all powerful, and ever glorious God, I give you thanks, for even though I am a sinner, Thy unprofitable servant, not because of my worthiness, but in the kindness of Thy mercy, you fed me with the precious Body and Blood of Thy Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this holy communion I received in this Mass may not bring me condemnation and punishment but forgiveness and salvation.

May this Holy Communion be a shield of faith and a shield of good will. May it make Me pure from all evil ways and put an end to my evil thoughts. May it bring me charity and patience, humility and obedience, and to grow in power to do good. May it defend me strongly against all my enemies, both visible and invisible, and the perfect calming of all my evil impulses, both bodily and spiritual. May it unite me more closely to Thee, the one true God and take me safely through death to everlasting happiness with Thee.

And I pray that you Oh Lord will lead me, a poor sinner to the banquet where You, with Your Son and Holy Spirit, who are true and perfect light, total fulfillment, everlasting joy, gladness without end, and perfect happiness to Thy saints. We pray that you grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Miracle As Tornado Destroys House, but Prayer Closet Still Standing in Alabama

Miracle As Tornado Destroys House, but Prayer Closet Still Standing in Alabama

The deadly, monster EF-4 tornado that recently tore through Lee County, Alabama, devoured nearly everything in its path. But one Christian family miraculously survived – huddled inside a prayer closet that was literally the only thing left standing from their house.

That massive twister killed 23 people, including four children. But amazing testimonies are still emerging in the aftermath.

Catastrophic events like this can be devastating and hard to come to grips with, but one eyewitness says this proves God’s power to protect.

Jason Smith serves as a chaplain with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team, and he went to the tornado zone to minister to survivors. But what he spotted there ministered to him – a piece of slab left from a home that had been demolished by the storm, according to 11 Alive.

Smith was surprised by what he found there, so he went public with the story to offer some inspiration. And the images he shared from that house have gone viral.

“Listen to me please. I just left a family who survived the tornado in this house and the only left standing is this closet,” Smith wrote in the viral Facebook post.

Sitting upright on the thick, flat piece of concrete were the frames to what appeared to be a closet.

“It’s the grandmother’s prayer closet, and the whole family survived.”

Smith, while in total shock, also knew that there could only be one reason behind the family surviving a deadly tornado that day.

“My God is awesome!!! Shout somebody!” he said.

This isn’t the only astounding story to emerge from a recent tornado. As CBN News has reported, 40 kids were miraculously shielded as they sang “Jesus Loves Me,” even though a tornado in Kentucky ripped off the roof from the church where they were sheltering.

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