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VIDEO: 3 Powerful Saints Who Physically Fought the Devil and Lived to Tell the Tale

VIDEO: 3 Powerful Saints Who Physically Fought the Devil and Lived to Tell the Tale

Bible first

“Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” – Ephesians 6:12

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” 1 Peter 5:8

Here are 3 saints that fought the devil physically and won

1. Saint Anthony of the Desert, 251-356 AD

One day Anthony made a rather odd decision: he decided to spend the night alone in a tomb. According to the story, many demons came and assaulted him physically. Causing him many injuries until he fell to the floor and their claws pinned him to the ground. A friend found him the next day, carried him away for treatment. However, he returned to the tomb again upon recovery and said:

“Here is Anthony. I do not flee your beatings nor pain, nor torture; nothing can separate me from the love of God.”

St. Athanasius recorded:

“The demons made such a racket that the whole place was shaken, knocking over the four walls of the tomb; they came in droves, taking the form of all kinds of monstrous beasts and hideous reptiles. And the whole place was filled with lions, bears, leopards, bulls, wolves, asps, scorpions. The lions roared, ready to attack; bulls seemed to threaten him with their horns; snakes advanced, crawling on the ground, seeking a place of attack, and wolves prowled around him.

They all were making a terrible noise. Groaning in pain, St. Anthony faced the demons, laughing: ‘If you had any power, only one of you would be enough to kill me; but the Lord has taken away your strength, so you want to frighten me by your number. The proof of your powerlessness is that you are reduced to taking the form of senseless animals. If you have any power against me, come on, attack me! But if you cannot do anything, why torment yourselves unnecessarily? My faith in God is my defense against you.’

“But all of a sudden a bright light illuminated the tomb; at that moment, the demons vanished. The pains ceased. When he realized that God was coming to his aid, he asked: ‘Where were you, Lord? Why did you not stop this suffering earlier?’ God answered him, ‘Anthony, I was present at your side. But I waited, observing your fight. And since you have resisted so bravely, I will now always be at your side, and I will make your name famous throughout the world.’ Having heard the words of the Lord, the monk stood up and prayed. He then received such strength that he felt in his body an even greater vigor than before.”

2. St Gemma Maria Galgani, 1878 -1903:

Gemma was a mystic who had very many strange experiences, in one of her letters she said:

“For two days after receiving communion, Jesus told me: ‘Be prepared, my daughter; the Devil, at my bidding, will rage war against you.’ These words I hear in my heart continuously. Please pray for me …. Who will win this battle: the devil or my soul? How sad this thing makes me! Where will the war come from? I am for ever thinking about it instead of praying Jesus to give me strength and help. Now I have told you, and I leave this matter to you, that you may help me.
Your poor,”

Prayer was her weapon against hell so no matter what happened she kept on praying, and Jesus always helps:

“What torment this gives me, not to be able to pray! What fatigue it costs me! How many efforts does not that wretch make to make it impossible for me to pray! Yesterday evening he tried to kill me, and would have succeeded if Jesus had not come quickly to my aid. I was terrified and kept the image of Jesus in my mind, but I could not pronounce His name.”

“If you would have seen him Father, when he fled making faces, you would have burst out laughing! He is so ugly!…. But Jesus told me not to be afraid of him”

Another assault

“Once more I have passed a bad night. The demon came before me as a giant of great height and kept saying to me “For thee there is no more hope of salvation. Thou are in my hands!“. I replied that God is merciful and therefore I fear nothing. Then, giving me a hard blow on the head in a rage he said “accursed be you!” and then he disappeared. I then went to my room to rest, and there I found him. He began again to strike me with a knotted rope, and wanted me to listen to him while he suggested wickedness. I said no, and he struck me even harder, knocking my head violently against the ground.

At a certain point, it came to my mind to invoke Jesus’ Father “Eternal Father, through the most precious blood of Jesus, free me!” I then don’t quite know what happened. That contemptible beast dragged me from my bed and threw me, hitting my head against the floor with such force that it pains me still. I became senseless and remained lying there until I came to myself a long time afterwards. Jesus be thanked!”

3. Saint Padre Pio,1887-1968

Don Gabriele Amorth, the famed exorcist of Rome wrote:

The devil is always pure spirit, but in order to reveal himself he takes on aspects which can be most provocative and harmful: fear, seduction, deception. From his childhood, Padre Pio enjoyed celestial visions, but he also experienced terrible diabolical presences. These tormented him in the most frightful forms. They occasionally scourged him with heavy chains, leaving him bruised and bleeding. Sometimes they appeared as gruesome animals. Many biographies recount Padre Pio’s encounters with the demons. Did anyone else see these violent attacks? Amorth: Fortunately, Padre Pio himself described many of his encounters with devils. His accounts for his spiritual director in 1911 in the monastery of Venafro are particularly vivid. That was the first time Padre Pio revealed his rich interior life, both his ecstatic visions and his diabolical torments. Sometimes he spoke freely with the Madonna or the Lord, with no realization that other friars might be nearby or listening.

The devil would appear to him as an ugly black cat, or in the shape of a truly repugnant animal. The obvious intent was to fill him with terror. Other times demons came as young girls, nude and provocative, performing obscene dances, to test the young priest’s chastity. But Padre Pio sensed his greatest danger when the devil tried to deceive him by taking on the form of one of his superiors (his provincial superior or his spiritual director) or in a sacred form (the Lord, the Virgin, or St. Francis).


A Rare Painting of Jesus by Leonardo Da Vinci Breaks World Selling Record

A Rare Painting of Jesus by Leonardo Da Vinci Breaks World Selling Record

A rare painting of Jesus Christ by Leonardo da Vinci sold for 450 million dollars on Wednesday, breaking the record for the most expensive painting ever sold.

The painting, entitled Salvator Mundi, Latin for Savior of the World, is one of just fifteen paintings by Leonardo da Vinci known to exist. It was painted sometime around the years 1490 to 1519. The piece features Jesus Christ in Renaissance dress, holding a crystal sphere in His left hand and giving a benediction with His right.

It was sold at Christie’s Auction House in New York City, with a bidding contest via telephone that lasted for over 20 minutes. When the final bid came in at $400 million, with buyer’s fees bringing it up to $450 million, the room erupted into cheers and applause.

Leonardo painted the Salvator Mundi for King Louis XII of France. King Charles I of England then acquired it in 1649, before it was auctioned off in 1763. It was lost to history until it resurfaced in 1900 when it was purchased by a British collector, Francis Cook. When he received it, the painting was badly damaged from restoration attempts.

It was eventually sold in 1958 for a little over a hundred dollars, thought to be a poor copy of the original from its poor condition. In 2005 the piece was bought by a group of art dealers for $10,000. It was then restored properly and authenticated as a work of da Vinci.

The Salvator Mundi was sold to a private buyer who, at least for now, wishes to remain anonymous.


These Differences Between Real Catholics and Non-Catholics are So Great You Cannot Ignore them

These Differences Between Real Catholics and Non-Catholics are So Great You Cannot Ignore them

My wife and I just spent the past weekend in Maryland meeting our newborn son that we are adopting. While the details of that story are terrific, I want to talk about something else from the trip. After taking our new son, Jude home from the hospital, we ended up staying with some very close friends of ours that live in Maryland. Long story short, it may be a few extra days before we can bring him home to Texas.


While we were there, we ended up attending a non-denominational church service with our friends. During the service, I couldn’t help but be whisked back to our past church experiences before we joined the Catholic Church. On the way home, My wife and I ended up talking about some of the quirky little differences we have noticed since becoming Catholic. These are the biggest differences between Catholics and non-Catholics ones we noticed.

How we Pray

I have always found differences in prayer between all the Christian groups fascinating. I was never very good at or comfortable with praying out loud. When I went to a non-denominational Christian School or even as an adult attending Baptist & Evangelical churches, I never felt like there was a structure to it. There seemed to be a lot of words like “Father God,” “Just,” “In Jesus name,” “We come together,”… This makes me laugh when people say Catholic prayers are all the same and aren’t personal. For me, prayer became a lot easier once I started to look into specific Catholic prayers, written prayers, structured prayers. If anything, I learned to pray better that way, making my time in prayer more personal and constructive. I am not saying one does it better than the other. It’s just different.


Looking back, I have always preferred the beauty and artistry of traditional Catholic, Methodist, Episcopal, Lutheran, or any other church primarily decorated with stained glass and wood. These days, Evangelical and Protestant churches tend to be in a nice A-frame, metal building. The inside looks more like a sound stage set up for a concert or big performance. Very stripped down and basic, they have their own beauty. Especially when the praise and worship band is on stage. The lights are turned down low in the congregation, and the stage is usually well lit with some sort of blue or purple glow on the back wall. For me, I love the story that is told through the Stations of The Cross, Stained Glass, and general art work that all leads to Jesus on the Cross in the front.

Children in Church

Before we became Catholic, I had never seen so many kids in a church service. Mass is filled with children of all ages. From new-borns to teens, children are involved in Mass. Not only are they in attendance, they also serve during Mass. When we were going to a fairly large Baptist church, kids were usually dropped off at the nursery or Sunday School. We have been to other churches where the kids come down to the front for “children’s time” with the Pastor. After that, they leave for Sunday School or children’s church while the adults stay for the service. I think they are all great options. Personally, we take our kids into the cry room. We want our kids to be involved and present for as much of Mass as possible. They learn best from watching us.

Fellowship and being social

My wife’s biggest complaint in the Catholic Church has always been that there are not enough ways to get involved and/or be social at the church. I think this differs from parish to parish, but it certainly takes longer to get to know people in a Catholic Church. To be fair, my wife Abby expects to be signed up on a couple comities and at least one social ministry after her first visit. Me? I just want to take my time. At the churches we were going to before, everyone always seems to have a clipboard ready to sign you up for something. “Would you like to be one of our 10 directors in the 8-9 year old choir? Or maybe you could help with organizing the Thursday night over 40 singles pot luck dinner.” It doesn’t take long to get to know a few people that way.


Ahhh… The ever so popular “Praise & Worship Team”. The young good looking guy wearing jeans and sandals playing guitar next to the well dressed former jazz musician accompanied by that professional drummer that is in 4 other Christian bands all surrounded by the women in the church that can sing and the jazz musician’s son on keyboards. Not a bad way to start church. But I remember there came a point when I just couldn’t repeat “Holy, Holy, Holy” 100 more times. My wife on the other hand, loves it. For me, give an old Hymn with lyrics I can’t understand.


Source: CatholicFB

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Rare Footage Of A Day In The Life Of St. Padre Pio

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Rare Footage Of A Day In The Life Of St. Padre Pio

Mass, confessions, lunch … Discover how this saint lived in this exceptional video

Accompanied by his Capuchin friars, Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (commonly known as Padre Pio) lived very long days, as evidenced by this film dating back to 1950. The saint worked up to 19 hours a day, every day. In total, an estimated 20 million people attended his Masses and five million people confessed their sins to him.

About the solemn Mass celebrated on the 50th anniversary of his reception of the stigmata on September 22, 1968, Padre Pio said, “Fifty years of religious life, fifty years nailed to the cross, fifty years of devouring fire for you, Lord, for beings whom thou hast redeemed.”

That same evening he received Extreme Unction and died a few hours later, at 2:30 a.m.


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