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(SEE VIDEO) A Powerful Prayer For Anyone In Debt

(SEE VIDEO) A Powerful Prayer For Anyone In Debt




Heavenly Father,
I Come before you today to ask for
a financial blessing to improve my life.

My faith keeps me strong,
and I know you will provide for me
and the people I love.

I do not seek a large sum of money.
I do not trouble you for unneeded comforts
or luxury. I only ask for enough money
to relieve my financial woes and ease this stress.

Give me the means to do your work,
and spread your Love. I have so much
to give if only I were allowed the chance.

In the Name of Jesus Christ your Son, I pray.


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This is the Meaning of Each Part of the Hail Mary

This is the Meaning of Each Part of the Hail Mary

Each part of the Hail Mary prayer has a meaning based on the Holy Scriptures and Tradition.

The Hail Mary is one of the most cherished prayers of the Catholic people. It is the oldest prayer we know addressed to Our Lady, our Mother, Mother of Jesus and the Church. It is in the Bible itself, the revelation of God.

“Hail, full of grace”

At the Annunciation, the Angel greeted her, “Hail, full of grace.” Mary was the only one who found grace before God, because she was the only one “conceived without original sin”. In the apparitions to Saint Catherine Labouré in France in 1830, she asked that what was known as the “Miraculous Medal” be minted. In golden letters, Catherine saw the beautiful phrase written: “O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to you!”

The Lord is with you.

“The Lord is with you,” said the Archangel Gabriel. Mary has a deep intimacy with God. Our Catechism says that “from all eternity, God chose to be the Mother of His Son, a daughter of Israel, a young Jewish woman from Nazareth in Galilee,” a virgin betrothed to a man named Joseph from the house of David, and the name of the virgin was Mary ‘(Lk 1, 26-27). ” She is the Daughter of the Father, she is the Mother of the Son, and she is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. It is in full unity with the Holy Trinity. In a single woman God has Mother, Daughter and Wife.

Blessed among all women

“Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb” (Lk 1:42). This is how St. Elizabeth greeted the Virgin, “in a loud voice” and “filled with the Holy Spirit.” And the boy John the Baptist shuddered in his bosom. Elizabeth made it clear why Mary is “blessed among all women”: “Whence comes the honor of coming to me the Mother of my Lord?” (V. 43). And Elizabeth completes: “Blessed are you who have believed …” (v.44).

The blessed fruit of his womb is God himself, the Son of God, incarnate in his virginal womb: Jesus. She is the Mother of God. When the heretic Nestorius, patriarch of Constantinople, wanted to deny this truth, the people revolted, and the Council of Nicaea in 431 confirmed the divine motherhood of Mary: (Theotókos). “All generations will call me blessed” (Lk 1:48), so the piety of the Church towards the Blessed Virgin is intrinsic to Christian worship.

After we greet the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, with these words that descended from heaven, the prayer of the Hail Mary leads us to implore the Lord’s graces through the intercession of the one whom God can not deny.

Holy Mary Mother of God

What can not the Mother of the Most High? What can not, before the throne of grace, achieve that which is His Mother, Bride and Daughter? The miracle of the Marriage of Cana (John 2) says everything, shows the great intercessory power of the Mother before the Son.

That is why the Church has always taught us: “Ask the Mother that the Son attends!” The good son denies nothing to his mother, so St. Bernard of Clairvaux, a doctor of the Church, called her “Supplicating omnipotence.” He obtains everything, by grace, what God can by nature.

Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death

And we sinners begged him: “Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.” He obtains from the King the great benefits those who are close to Him, those who have intimacy with Him. Who more than Mary has intimacy with God? How many people ask me to mediate a request with the founder of Canção Nova, Monsignor Jonas Abib, because they know I have intimacy with him! So it is with God. This is the power of intercession.

The Most Holy Mother before her Son prays for us without ceasing. Said the Second Vatican Council, which “assumes to the heavens … by its multiple intercession, the gifts of eternal salvation continue to reach us. (…) Therefore, the Blessed Virgin Mary is invoked in the Church under the titles of lawyer, helper, protector and mediatrix. “(N.969).

“The motherly mission of Mary on behalf of men in no way obscures or diminish the unique mediation of Christ; on the contrary, it even shows its power, for all the salutary influx of the blessed Virgin (…) derives from the superabundant merits of Christ, is based on its mediation, depends entirely on it and draws its full strength from it “(n. 970)

Our Mother prays for us at every moment, even if we are not aware of it; especially protects those who are earnestly consecrated to him. In a special way, defend us at the hour of death. How many souls does the Virgin Mary save at the hour of death! Especially those who are consecrated to him. Saint Bernard said that it is not possible that a good son of Mary should be lost.

Therefore, we urge her to pray for us, especially at the decisive hour of our death. When we pray the Holy Rosary, we offer her spiritual roses, which she brings to God for us. It does not hold them to itself, for the rosary is the meditation of the whole life of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Why Its Important To Attend Mass on Sundays – Read Here

Why Its Important To Attend Mass on Sundays – Read Here

“Without Christ, we are doomed to be overcome by day-to-day weariness with their worries and fear of the future”

About 7,000 people attended weekly catechesis with the Pope today. Resuming the path of reflection on the Mass, Pope Francis spoke about the importance of going to Mass on Sundays.

From the earliest times, the disciples of Jesus celebrated the Eucharistic encounter with the Lord on the day the Jews called ‘the first of the week’ and the Romans ‘the day of the sun’.

After Easter, the disciples of Jesus became accustomed to waiting for the visit of their divine Master on the first day of the week; it was on that day that He rose and came to meet them in the Upper Room, speaking and eating with them and giving them the Holy Spirit. This meeting was repeated eight days later, with the presence of Tomé.

And so, gradually, the first day of the week came to be called by the Christians ‘the day of the Lord’, that is, the Sunday.

“The Sunday celebration of the Eucharist is at the center of the life of the Church: we go to Mass to meet the risen Lord, or rather to let ourselves be found by him,” the Pope said.

“To listen to his word, feed us to his table and thus, to become Church, his mystical body alive in the world today. Therefore, Sunday is for us a holy day: sanctified by the Eucharistic celebration, the living presence of the Lord for us and among us. It is the Mass that makes Christians Sunday. ”

“Unfortunately there are Christian communities that can not have Mass every Sunday; but also they are called to gather themselves in prayer that day, hearing the Word of God and keeping alive the desire of the Eucharist. ”

“Without Christ, we are doomed to be overcome by day-to-day fatigue with their worries and fear of the future. The Sunday meeting with Jesus gives us the strength we need to live our days with courage and hope. ”

In conclusion, why go to Mass on Sundays?

“It is not enough to say that this is a precept of the Church. We Christians need to participate in the Sunday mass because only with the grace of Jesus, with his presence alive in us and among us, we can practice his commandment and be credible witnesses. ”

Moreover, Eucharistic communion with the Risen Jesus anticipates that Sunday without a time when all humanity will enter into the rest of God.

Read How Saint John Bosco Challenged The Devil

Read How Saint John Bosco Challenged The Devil

From humiliations to teasing. A hard battle between the saint and Satan.

Saint John Bosco and the devil. There are countless episodes in which Don Bosco confronted Satan: encounters, struggles, exorcisms.

1 – Carluccio and the Auxiliary Virgin

Carluccio, the son of an honest man was “student” of Don Bosco. The boy, 15 years old, transmitted devotion. When the young man became ill, the priest was out of town and could not confess. The illness worsened and Carluccio died.

Don Bosco arrived; the mourning family told him how his Carluccio had turned off. Don Bosco approached the deceased young man and began to call him: “Carluccio! Carluccio! … ” The dead man opened his eyes and sat on the bed. “Oh, Don Bosco, I was calling him a long time because he wanted to confess me well. I confessed confusedly with another priest and I could not confess well. ”

Don Bosco sent everyone out of the room for a moment. He told Carluccio. “Poor thing, what happened to you?”

“Look,” replied the boy, “as soon as the soul left my body, he met Christ the Judge, but Mary Help of Christians asked his Son to suspend the trial a little. I was terrified. I saw a huge abyss of fire on the side. ” Demons everywhere. “It was then that Mary Help of Christians, present there, told the demons:” Do not touch him, he has not been judged “.

At that moment Carluccio recalled hearing the voice of Don Bosco and regaining consciousness. Don Bosco, after having acquainted the relatives who returned to the room, finally said to the young man: “Carluccio, do you prefer to be still in this world of temptations and dangers, or go into the arms of Mary Help of Christians?” The young man replied: “I prefer to go to the arms of Mary Help of Christians.” Then – continued the saint – go in peace and pray to the Virgin for us “. He dropped on the pillow and died.

2 – The devil’s taunts

We read in the life of Don Bosco that the devil, angry because the saint was stealing souls, sought in every way to hinder him. Satan rumbled in the attic, it seemed that stones fell with hellish rumble.

While the saint stretched the Rule of the Salesians on the table, that animal spilled the ink on the manuscript. When he was overwhelmed by sleep, he would remove the blankets from the bed, mocking him. Often, under the aspect of tiger, and other fierce beasts, or horrendous monsters, he would raise the bed.

3 – The blessing

In Rome, on April 3, 1880, Don Bosco was taken to a demon possessed woman, to be blessed.

During the blessing it seemed that the demon was drowning his poor victim. The evil one said that it was called “Petrus” and that for two years he had lived in that person.

“What are you doing here?” Don Bosco asked him.

“I am the guardian of Santa” (as he called the possessed)

“Where were you before?”

“In the air. You have to fight a lot against me. ”

“Why do not you want to leave? Do not you see that you increase your sorrows, your evil? ”

“I want evil.”

The solemn exorcism was not possible, because Don Bosco was missing the permission of the vicar cardinal, who was not in Rome. A man who did not believe in the devil, seeing the scene and hearing the words of the devil, was convinced of the existence of the devil (

4 – The Marquise victim of a possession

Don Bosco had gone to celebrate mass in the house of the Marchioness of Comillas, when a possessed woman appeared who, when she saw him, threw herself to the ground as if she were fainting, sucking foam from her mouth, struggling and contorting like a snake. He told her to invoke Maria, she instead shouted: “No, I do not want to leave! I do not want to leave! ”

As the wretched girl was called Maria, Don Bosco called her: “Mary, take this medal”; but she did not show signs of understanding. Finally, Don Bosco blessed her. The young woman got up, took the medal that Don Bosco offered her, kissed her, went into the church and heard the mass. He seemed healed: in fact he had breakfast quietly, and all this in the presence of many people. Those who accompanied her said that they had not seen her that quiet for a long time and were surprised. And returned home consoled.

5 – The annoyances of the bear

Don Bosco suffered severe diabolical sensations every time he was about to undertake some important work for the greater glory of God. One morning one asked him if he had rested at night, he replied: “Not much, because I was bothered by an ugly animal, in the form of a bear, which was put on my bed, and tried to drown me.” This fact did not happen once: and Don Bosco clearly said what the hellish annoyances were like.

The night in which Don Bosco finished writing the first Rules of the Pious Salesian Society, fruit of much prayer, meditation and work, while he wrote the conclusion sentence: ” Ad maiorem Dei Gloriam” , the devil appeared, the table moved , the inkwell fell, while there were such strange cries that they could instill profound terror; and finally everything was so dirty that the manuscript was no longer legible, and Don Bosco had to start his work again.

6 – The tightness in your stomach

On February 12, 1862, Don Bosco said: “The night of the sixth or seventh of this month I had just gone to bed, and I was already beginning to fall asleep, when I feel that they grab me by the shoulders and shake me so hard that I got very scared. “Who are you?” I shouted, turned on the light, and dressed, looked at the bed, and in every corner of the room, to see if someone was hidden, and was the cause of that joke. But I did not find anyone. I looked at the door of my room and it was closed. I also looked at the library door; everything was closed and quiet. ”

Don Bosco then remembered having gone back to bed. “I had barely numbed, when I felt another jolt that disturbed me. I wanted to ring the bell and call. “But no,” I said to myself, “I do not want to disturb anyone,” and then I went to sleep on my back; When I felt an enormous weight in my stomach that oppressed me, almost preventing me from breathing. I could not help but shout: “What’s wrong?” And punch out: but I did not touch anything. I got on the other side, and that oppression came back. In that miserable state I spent all that night. ”

7 – TOC .. TOC … TOC …

On February 5, 1862 Don Bosco said: “The other night I went to the room and saw the nightstand dance and hit: knock, knock, knock …” Oh, this is good, “I said, and I went and asked : “What do you want?” And it continued: toc, toc, toc. I went through the room and kept quiet; I approached, and it danced and hit. I assure you that if I had heard this story that I have seen, I would not have believed it. Do not you think you are hearing the stories of the witches that our grandmother told us? ”

8 – The tail of the devil

On February 17, 1862: “Yesterday night I went to bed, when I felt a cold brush pass over my forehead, manipulated slightly. Then I took off my nightcap, but that mysterious hand was brushing my nose and mouth bothering me, making me unable to sleep and close my eyes for a single moment. That happened to me other times, it’s more, instead of a feather, it seemed to me that it was such a stinking tail that I woke up with a start. ”

9 – The afflicted woman

In 1872 in Mathi Toriense there was a certain Maria Sopetti, who suffered diabolical vexations. Monsignor was informed Gastaldi, who suggested that Don Bosco bless her. The woman went to Turin on November 30. When it was time to enter, he began to shout: “No, no …” a hundred times. Finally he entered and with many efforts he was forced to kneel.

Don Bosco gave him the blessing. This one, meanwhile, put her hands to her ears so as not to hear, and tried to do crazy things and strange faces because she felt suffocated.

He growled like a pig and meowed like a cat.

With incredible efforts, she was able to kiss the medal of Mary Help of Christians. When the blessing was over, he calmed down immediately.

He left the room, and it was quiet. Don Bosco assured him that, when he went to Lanzo, he would come to see her in Mathi, or at least ask for her. He told him to kiss often the medal of Mary Help of Christians and to pray the Hail Mary, that the Lord gave him with such humiliations a means to make many merits. He followed from time to time going with Don Bosco and on January 2, 1883 he was almost completely free.

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