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Praying For The Dead, Can Someone In Hell Be Saved Through Our Prayers?

Praying For The Dead, Can Someone In Hell Be Saved Through Our Prayers?

Praying For The Dead, Can Someone In Hell Be Saved Through Our Prayers?


Why does the Church pray for the dead? Can our prayers save someone already condemned to hell?


Some Protestants say its wrong to pray for the dead, however Catholics believe that the dead may be in need of our prayers if they’re still in purgatory. We believe that some people, even after being forgiven here on earth, still need to expiate their sins in purgatory. They could not do so on earth, so God gives them an opportunity to be cleansed. We do not however believe that God gives people an opportunity to repent after death, this isn’t the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Unrepentant sinners cannot change when they’re dead, their state of impenitence continues for all eternity. They will rebel against God as they did in life and cannot be saved anymore. This state is called “hell”.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:

The teaching of the Church affirms the existence of hell and its eternity. Immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend into hell, where they suffer the punishments of hell, “eternal fire.” The chief punishment of hell is eternal separation from God, in whom alone man can possess the life and happiness for which he was created and for which he longs. (CCC 1035)

A soul that has chosen to reject God’s light on earth and after death (hell), cannot be saved by a billion masses/prayers. So whenever we pray, we ask God for those who are still on their way to heaven, those who are still passing through the cleansing state of purgatory. We are united with them so our prayers affect them, their prayers affect us, and those in heaven intercede for them and for us as well. Our communion continues even when they are no more on earth. This is why the Church never stops praying for the dead.

Bottom-line: Those in hell cannot be saved through our prayers, but since we cannot know the fate of particular individuals, we continue to pray for them because we loved them in life, and because we hope in the mercy of God which is bigger than all our sins.

Peace be with you !

Miracle!!! Catholic Priest Escapes After Kidnappers Who Were Demanding $300,000 Drank His Holy Wine And Slept Off

Miracle!!! Catholic Priest Escapes After Kidnappers Who Were Demanding $300,000 Drank His Holy Wine And Slept Off

  • His captors allegedly drank Holy Communion wine they stole from his house and slept off.

Rev. Fr. Timothy Nwanja, abducted by gunmen in Ebonyi State, Nigeria has been confirmed by the police in the state as a free man.

Also rescued was the cook to the priest who was abducted with her boss.

The priest escaped after his captors allegedly drank Holy Communion wine they stole from his house and slept off.

This is even as the police said that they arrested one of the suspected kidnappers.

Two of the kidnappers escaped but the police vowed to track them down.

According to sources, the cleric, who serves at St. Mary’s parish, was kidnapped by three gunmen at about 8:30 p.m. on Sunday night in his residence.

The police spokesperson in the state, Loveth Odah, an Assistant Superintendent of Police, who confirmed the rescue, said that the police acting on tip-off, raided the criminals’ hideout.

She narrated that the kidnappers sneaked into the priest’s room on Sunday while he was having his dinner and took him and his cook away.

She said that the priest’s cook who had gone upstairs to get water from the refrigerator was first captured.

When the priest heard the loud screaming, he ran upstairs to know what was going on and they also captured him. One of them was familiar with the area.

They took him away in his own vehicle. They blindfolded him and tied his ears so that he would not be able to listen to their interaction.

At a point, they separated the cook and the priest. They allowed the cook to go but it was a plot,” she narrated.

Mrs. Odah disclosed that the cleric had jumped out through the window of the uncompleted building where he was taken to after his three captors took Holy Communion wine and slept off.

She said that the criminals had planned to request the sum a N100 million($300,000 US) ransom from the Bishop of Abakaliki Diocese in the morning before they ran out of luck.

Here Are The Sins That God Cannot Forgive

Here Are The Sins That God Cannot Forgive

The Sins That God Cannot Forgive


Are there sins that cannot be pardoned?


“but anyone who blasphemes the Holy Spirit will never be forgiven. This is a sin with eternal consequences.” Mark 3:29.


The above text are words of Christ on this subject, showing that there are “Unpardonable sins”, which are sins against the Holy Spirit. Sometime ago i asked a priest “Does this mean that God REFUSES to forgive this sin” ?

The priest could not give a satisfactory conclusive reply, until one day after years of research and prayer, i stumbled upon an explanation.


They are summed up below, but what is common is a deliberate denial of God and his light:

(1) Despair;

(2) Presumption;

(3) Impenitence or a firm determination not to repent;

(4) Obstinacy;

(5) Resisting divine truth known to be such; and

(6) Envy of another’s spiritual welfare.


God does not REFUSE forgiveness. Rather, when one sins against the Spirit of God, he CASTS GOD OUT of himself and SHUTS THE HEART TO HIS LIGHT. So that such a person is UNABLE TO ASK for mercy anymore. The “Unpardonable” does not mean God changes from “Forgiving Father” to an “Unforgiving Judge”, so that he turns his face from someone weeping and begging for mercy, NO !!!. He is Always FORGIVING. Even those who are in Hell cannot ask for pardon, that is why they cannot be forgiven.

The GRACE of remorse/contrition is very expensive gift of the Holy Spirit, given unto the sincerely repentant ones. I tell you, there are many Catholics today who have shut their hearts to God’s grace by continuous abuse of Sacraments for instance and other sins; they personally kill the voice of their consciences by refusing God’s light/call to repentance so many times, that those sins become “Normal” and even “A way of life” to them.

For this grace is meant to rise our sensitivity to sin and make us weep for our sins, but for someone who is dead in sin, he cannot possibly weep or feel really sorry for his sin. He may even boast about his sins to his friends and feel like a “big Shot”.

This is what it means to commit an “Unpardonable” sin. Whenever such a sinner opens his heart to God’s light, he sees his sorry state, and confesses with all his heart, God Forgives him for sure, for he promised:

“Even if your sins be as red as scarlet, i shall make you as white as wool”. Isaiah 1:18

God bless you all. I hope we understood this one.


Source: Caticor

Being Attacked by Demons? It Might Just Be In Your Head. Read this article.

Being Attacked by Demons? It Might Just Be In Your Head. Read this article.

Are you being attacked by a pack of demons?

You have bad dreams, nightmares and all right?

You don’t have a lot going your way right?

You’re stuck in the same place for years right?

You’re thinking “i’m being attacked by demons”.

The only problem is you’re right, but you’re probably the only demon attacking you and you too are the exorcist who can deliver yourself.

If you pray and act, you can scatter the darkness of self pity and realize these :

God doesn’t give you money as reward for being baptized, you work and earn.

When you have nightmares you’re probably superstitious, saw a horror stuff, live in a neighborhood with a bad odor (which can affect your dreams at night).

You need to be more in tune with reason to have a healthier faith because God gave you reason to work closely with your faith. Faith perfects reason but NEVER goes against it.

Stop believing every little adversity is from the devil. You’re giving that guy way more credit than he deserves. Sometimes it’s your fault or sometimes things just go wrong; the world isn’t perfect. The devil isn’t omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient, only God is. The devil is a limited creature like you and me, mischievous, yes, but does not have any power over the children of God. Stop blaming him or other people for your actions or for anything that happens to you. Just learn to keep seeking God in the midst of all, keep being positive.

Be brave enough to take blames when you do something wrong and be brave to make up for it. If you can stand up to yourself and challenge yourself, no demon can conquer you.

Finally, believe in God totally to shield you from any harm; yet trust in his wisdom for when you get hurt. You are way too short to see the future from where you stand. He knows why anything happens. If you love him, he’ll be your only priority: your goal and your prize. If he is your prize every other material blessings will finally have their place in your life for God sits on top of all things and shines on all parts of your life. Do not worry what the demons are doing, worry more about being in the state of grace, being sin-free and working hard on your relationship with God.

This way, you become resplendent; you become beautiful in the eyes of the world, and way too powerful for the kingdom of darkness.

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