Abducted Priest Fr. Sanchez Ruiz Tortured But Alive

Abducted Priest Fr. Sanchez Ruiz Tortured But Alive


Abducted priest discovered ALIVE in Veracruz – Signs of torture evident

According to BBC, many claimed Fr. Sanchez Ruiz was abducted after speaking against drug violence and corruption as well as for promoting human rights.

CNS reported Father Aaron Reyes Natividad, a spokesman for the Diocese of San Andres Tuztla, told local reporters Fr. Sanchez Ruiz received threats over WhatsApp and Facebook for denouncing crime and corruption in Veracruz.

Fr. Sanchez Ruiz also rallied residents against high electric bills.

Fr. Reyes shared: “He was nervous, but nothing stopped him. We think that a lot of what happened has to do with what the padre said in his sermons.

“He gave the names of those responsible for insecurity, stealing from the community and generating poverty.”

Fr. Sanchez Ruiz was reported missing November 11, resulting in residents running rampant and burning city hall while demanding his release.

A statement released from the Diocese reported Fr. Sanchez Ruiz was discovered “abandoned” November 13 “with notable signs of torture.”

He is among a long list of abducted priests in Mexico but is one of the few who live to tell the tale.

Authorities continue to struggle against corruption and drug cartels while more and more priests are abducted and murdered.

Thankfully, Fr. Sanchez Ruiz has survived the ordeal and is expected to return to his diocese.

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