A Young Girl’s ‘Trip’ To Heaven.

A Young Girl’s ‘Trip’ To Heaven.

I am Mrs. Nirmala Joy. I am a school teacher. I was born in a nominal Christian family in India and went to church only at Christmas and Easter. My dad was an atheist and my mom a Christian who thought the world of my dad.
When I was 19, I had a dream that my mother passed away and I was absolutely terrified.
Within a month my mother had a rare virulent type of blood cancer and died within 21 days. Soon after that my sister and I got married.
Since my husband was a believer I used to read the Bible with him.

When we prayed together I was not sure whether Jesus was the only Way. Whenever I came to the part where it says, “Jesus rose again”, I would be reminded of what my dad told us, that “the Disciples of Jesus stole the body and made up a story that He rose from the dead”.

I had a similar dream about our 8 year old daughter, Alina that she passed away. The body was laid in a coffin and people were going around it and kissing it. I too kissed her and her skin felt like leather’ I woke up terrified to pray. She was burning with fever. When she vomited blood we rushed her to the hospital. She started bleeding internally. On the 20th day, the doctors gave up hope. She was in and out of consciousness and was seeing demons and even Satan. She would tell us they were in the room, but we thought she was delirious.
My husband and I decided to fast and pray all night. Members of the Gospel to Asia and Middle East Nations (gos2amen) joined us in prayer all through the night. Gospel to Asia and Middle East Nations is an associate ministries of Bibles for Mideast.

We went through the Bible verse, “We are healed by His wounds,” and knelt on either side of the child’s bed and started to pray. I told Jesus, If what is written in the Bible is true, that You are alive and You do miracles, then come and heal my daughter.
At about 2 am my daughter began stirring and speaking in another language. After a few minutes she abruptly got up and said “Mummy I am healed” Then she said “I saw Jesus our Lord”.

She explained, “Jesus Christ carried me on HIS shoulder. And  I was taken up through a dark tunnel higher and higher which opened into a bright hole that led to a golden gate of pearls. The gate was open and I ran through it, I walked through streets of gold which were so beautiful and reached the shores of a sea. I was wondering how I would cross this sea and when I put my foot it was only glass like crystal. I crossed over to find a huge throne made of gold and Jesus was standing near it. I ran to Him, He carried me and I felt so happy there. I did not want to come back home. So I hugged Jesus really tight but He kissed me and put me down and told me to go back to my mummy and pappa.”

That’s when she woke up. She explained how Jesus was the most beautiful person she had ever seen, His robe was bright light and His hair and eyes were brilliant.
The doctors were surprised to see the sick child get up and play. They did not believe what I told them and insisted on a blood test which was normal. We all praised our Lord till the morning.
Hallelujah! When we came home she saw a picture of Christ at the entrance and said “What a terrible painting that is. Our Lord Jesus is soooooo beautiful”.

She read the Bible voraciously for hours together and memorized the Scripture. She explained deep truths simply and displayed such love I knew it was from God.
Pastor Paul donated Bibles and Children’s Bible to my father, my daughter and I.

We read the Bible and meditated on it. We truly believe that Jesus is alive and that everything about Him is true. Now I read the Book of Revelation and I found it was exactly how my daughter had described Heaven. The first dream came to pass but the second did not. For the second dream I called on the Name of Jesus and pleaded the Blood of Jesus for my daughter’s healing. He saved my daughter from the enemy.
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10).

My father also accepted Jesus as his personal savior and became baptized. We are all having fruits of the Spirit.
With this experience, I am constrained to share His love to everyone through  Bibles for Mideast and gos2amen – my students, colleagues, neighbors, sick people and even beggars and also Hindus and Muslims.
All glory and honor to our only true God and His Son Jesus Christ, through His Holy Spirit. Amen.


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