A Prayer For America In Distress 

A Prayer For America In Distress 


Lord in your Mercy which endureth forever let thy word be fulfilled that giveth charge to your angel over us to protect those who call upon you and their belongings. 

Spare this nation from thy anger and wrath and forgive all our shortcomings. We acknowledge our sins individually  and collectively and ask for forgiveness.  Give us  oh Lord one more time a repentant heart and another chance to do that which is appealing to you. 

We are sorry for our iniquity towards you and towards our fellow human beings and on-behalf of myself, and my family, my community, my state and my country and the whole world, I acknowledge we have sinned. Forgive oh Lord and show mercy one more time. 

When you remember the suffering of thy only begotten son Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary save us oh Lord from the storms and hurricanes of this life. Let the storm hear thy name and thy word that comes out of my mouth this moment and be still.

In the name of Jesus, Let all the hurricane, Irma, Jose and Katie be Still and Rage no more as I pray in Jesus Name. Amen. 
Please share this prayer with as many as possible. 

Together we pray for our brother and sisters in America.

God bless America. 

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