​50 Days With The Holy Spirit (My Greatest Friend): Day 45

​50 Days With The Holy Spirit (My Greatest Friend): Day 45

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“But as for me, the Lord fills me with His Spirit and power; and gives me a sense of justice and the courage to tell the people of Israel what their sins are” (Micah 3:8).


Just like Micah, every Christian has been called to be a spokesman for God, the Spirit moves him to condemn sin in the house of God; it was his task to reflect the heart of God, to encourage right and to discourage wrong. The Christian must not bend to pressure withing the Church to conform to the ways of the world. Instead, they must be God’s voice of truth, godliness and righteousness. 


Oh Lord, send forth your Spirit once again that You may renew the face of the earth. Amen!

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Rev. Fr. George Nze Muoba

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