​50 Days With The Holy Spirit (My Greatest Friend): Day 41

​50 Days With The Holy Spirit (My Greatest Friend): Day 41

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“…there he found some disciples and asked them, did you receive the Holy Spirit when you became believers? They answered; we have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit, well, then, Paul asked; what kind of baptism did you receive? The baptism of John they answered. Paul said, the baptism of John was for those who turned from their sins; and he told the people of Israel to believe in the One who was coming after him that is in Jesus. When they heard this, they were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. Paul placed his hands on them, and the Holy Spirit came down upon them; they spoke in strange tongues and also proclaim God’s message. They were twelve in number” (Acts 19:1-7).


It’s now clear from your teaching that Paul’s question here indicates that he thought it quite possible to “believe” in Christ without experiencing the baptism in the Holy Spirit. There is strong evidence in this passage that one may believe in Christ as a Christian without having experienced the fullness of the Holy Spirit. It is really wonderful to have an encounter with You my greatest Teacher and Friend.


Oh God, grant me the grace and faith to be open to the actions of the Holy Ghost, in every activity of my life. Amen!

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Rev. Fr. George Nze Muoba

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